Hong Kong’s dark days continue

If 2019 was a year of relative success for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, 2020 has become a challenge. On the back of last year’s social unrest, the negative consequences of Hong Kong’s fight is unfolding in the new decade.

Hong Kong human rights lawyers at risk under national security law: report

Hong Kong human rights lawyers may face prosecution under the new national security law, according to a report published by Human Rights First and the University of Hong Kong.

New Law, New Threat (Human Rights First)

Progressive Lawyers Group members Jason Y. Ng, Craig Choy and Wilson Leung commented on the threat faced by human rights lawyers in Hong Kong in Human Rights First's latest report on Hong Kong.

Hong Kong arrests pro-democracy media tycoon and opposition lawmakers

Hong Kong police on Friday made a series of arrests targeting high-profile figures in the city’s pro-democracy movement. It was a move that surprised many in a city still reeling from months of often-violent anti-government protests and now facing the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected 93 people and killed two in Hong Kong. Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s handling of both crises has dragged her popularity down to a new low — under 10%, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Public Opinion Program at the University of Hong Kong.

Protesters In Hong Kong Are Becoming More United In Their Strategy And More Desperate

Day to day, people are thinking about, what can I do to resist encroachment? And what can I do to hopefully, slowly, bit by bit, even if it takes generations, push towards greater democracy?

“This Should Be a Wake-up Call to the Whole World”: Inside the Hong Kong Protests

Progressive Lawyers Group spokesperson Wilson Leung spoke to US sports website The Ringer about the NBA controversy and how Chinese censorship is affecting what Americans can say even in America itself.

Hong Kong Protesters Keep Up Pressure, Despite Extradition Bill Withdrawal

Hong Kong’s embattled chief executive Carrie Lam may hope the withdrawal of a hated extradition bill will help the semi-autonomous Chinese city move forward from three months of major protests.

Hong Kong arrests won’t ‘cut off the heads of these protests,’ lawyer says

Saturday marks five years since the Chinese government decided against fully democratic elections in Hong Kong, sparking the 2014 Umbrella Movement that followed. On the eve of this important anniversary in the pro-democracy movement, authorities in Hong Kong arrested dozens of pro-democracy activists on Friday. Among them were Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow.

Hong Kong’s leaderless protest movement put to the test with arrest of prominent activists

The protests that have convulsed this city for nearly three months have lacked any clear leadership in a bid to sustain momentum should any of their organizers be threatened with jail.

The Fate of Hong Kong’s Christians

Christians in Hong Kong overwhelmingly support the mass protests that have disrupted the region for the last two months. Millions, including many Christians, have taken to the streets to protest a proposed extradition bill.

Dân Hong Kong biểu tình – Giới trí thức nghĩ gì, làm gì?

Hai tuần sau đỉnh điểm cuộc biểu tình thu hút 2 triệu người hôm 16/6, dân Hong Kong lại đang rầm rộ xuống đường vì những đòi hỏi của họ vẫn chưa được chính quyền thân Bắc Kinh của Hong Kong đáp ứng.

Episode 72: The Bleeding Bauhinia — A Conversation with Wilson Leung

In this episode, we chat with Wilson Leung, who is a founding member of the Progressive Lawyers Group 法政匯思 — a group of Hong Kong lawyers dedicated to promoting rule of law, democracy, human rights, freedom and justice — about the recent extradition bill protests in Hong Kong.

PLG spokesperson Wilson Leung speaks to VOA about anticipated backlash from Beijing over the anti-extradition bill protests.

Hong Kong’s decision to pause a controversial extradition proposal in the face of mass protests is a rare political embarrassment for China’s Communist Party. But as VOA’s Bill Gallo reports from Hong Kong, many pro-democracy protesters in the semi-autonomous Chinese city fear a backlash from Beijing in the weeks ahead.

PLG spokesperson Wilson Leung speaks to the BBC (Vietnamese section) on the recent protests against the extradition bill.

PLG spokesperson Wilson Leung speaks to the BBC (Vietnamese section) on the recent protests against the extradition bill.

Hong Kong’s government finally managed to put democracy fighter Joshua Wong behind bars

Three years after the 79-day Occupy protests calling for greater democracy in Hong Kong, the young leaders of the movement are going to jail.

Joshua Wong, 20, Nathan Law, 24, and Alex Chow, 26, were sentenced to six months, eight months, and seven months, respectively, by a court in Hong Kong today (Aug. 17) for their actions in the 2014 protests, also known as the Umbrella Movement. Wilson Leung, a practicing lawyer in Hong Kong and member of the Progressive Lawyers Group, said that he still believes judges in Hong Kong are independent of the government. “However, we strongly disagree with the government treating political problems as ‘law and order’ problems and focusing on the prosecution of protestors,” he said.

À Hong Kong, un système judiciaire fort et indépendant

 Hong Kong c’est chez moi, j’en suis fier car elle incarne des valeurs uniques, introuvables en Chine populaire, et si la démocratie y est mise à mal, la justice résiste. » Wilson Leung, 37 ans, est avocat, fondateur du Progressive Lawyers Group (groupe des avocats progressistes), créé au lendemain du grand mouvement démocratique de 2014 auquel la Chine a répondu par une fin de non-recevoir : il n’y aura pas de réformes démocratiques du système électoral pour l’élection du chef de l’exécutif, qui restera choisi par un comité électoral dominé par Pékin.

709大抓捕兩周年 律師學者默站聲援


法政匯思召集人搖身一變大廚 餸菜暗藏玄機?


國際特赦組織香港分會 『Carnival 』 活動

法政匯思的梁允信擔任 國際特赦組織香港分會 Amnesty International Hong Kong 舉辦的 『Carnival 』 活動大使, 向大家解釋人權教育的重要性!可以在此看短片! Progressive Lawyers Group's Wilson Leung is an ambassador of this year's "Carnival" art festival organised by Amnesty HK - he explains why human rights education is important to all of us! Watch the video here! 

Wilson Leung spoke at China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group press conference

Wilson Leung, the newly elected International Liaison Officer of the Progressive Lawyers Group, spoke at a press conference given by China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group for the Day of the Endangered Lawyer. Wilson explained why Hong Kong lawyers should care about human rights lawyers in China: not only there is a moral duty to support our colleagues who protect the rule of law, it is also about preserving our own livelihood - the weaker the rule of law, the less the need for lawyers.