Uitzonderlijke taferelen in Hongkongse rechtbank: gearresteerde activisten massaal voor de rechter

"Of all the defendants who appeared on Wednesday, the majority will probably go free," says Vickie Lui, one of Hong Kong's lawyers who provide free assistance to arrested protesters. Lui, who works for the Progressive Lawyers Group, has joined a central office from which the legal assistance for detainees is directed. During the protests you see many young people with the telephone number of that hotline on their arm.

Hong Kong lawyers group: Leaderless movement makes it difficult for potential talks with gov’t

Vickie Lui, spokesperson of the Progressive Lawyers Group, was interviewed by the Philippines’ ABS-CBN News Channel on her views regarding Hong Kong protests and what the Hong Kong government can do to deescalate the situation.

為無聲者發聲 Speak up for those who have no voice