Joint Submission of 53 NGOs in Hong Kong to the UN Human Rights Council

The Centre for Comparative and Public Law at The University of Hong Kong, along with Progressive Lawyers Group, Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor and Hong Kong Unison, coordinated a Joint Submission of 53 NGOs in Hong Kong to the UN Human Rights Council as part of the Council’s third cycle of its Universal Periodic Review (UPR). 

聯合國普遍定期審議 (UN Universal Periodic Review)

香港人權狀況每況愈下,Justice Centre Hong Kong等共45個公民團體(包括法政匯思)向聯合國提交意見書,以引起國際社會關注,促使港府改善香港人權狀況,以保「亞洲國際都會」聲譽。(Civil groups are voicing out their concern with the increasing erosion of fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong. Under the leadership of Justice Centre Hong Kong, 45 (including the Progressive Lawyers Group) have joined hands together in a submission to the United Nations, holding the Hong Kong government accountable to its human rights commitments.)

法政匯思短評:關於梁振英近日就《禁止酷刑和其他殘忍、不人道或有辱人格的待遇或處罰公約》的看法 (Short Commentary regarding CY Leung’s Recent Views on the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment)