‘We Are Fleeing the Law’: Hong Kong Protesters Escape to Taiwan

Worried they won’t be treated fairly in court, some demonstrators are seeking refuge on the self-ruled island, where they live in a legal limbo.

Hong Kong has pulled off an amazing win against a dire threat to its freedoms

The odds were long but the million people who turned out last Sunday—and the tens of thousands who circled government offices—did it. Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam today (June 15) changed course, saying she had decided to indefinitely suspend a controversial bill that would have made it possible to extradite people from the city to China’s mainland to face trial.

Hong Kong extradition bill will not have safeguards and fair trial guarantee built in

The convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group, Billy Li On-yin, said the concessions were not enough to ease public fears.

The Express Rail Co-location Case: The Hong Kong Judiciary’s Retreat

PLG member Alvin Cheung writes: "The independence and relevance of Hong Kong’s judiciary may now be in doubt [...] Interventions from Beijing are likely to dictate outcomes to Hong Kong’s courts not only in cases directly involving political rights, but also cases that involve major policy initiatives such as public infrastructure projects."


天氣稍涼,怕冷的女友已嚷着要去台灣浸溫泉。我剛好完成了一個大 project,請了一天假,便雙雙去享受長周末了。