UPDATE 1-Hong Kong lawyers alarmed at plans for judges in national security trials

"It is an act to import political elements into the judicial system, which is supposed to be impartial,” said Angeline Chan, a solicitor and convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group in reply to plans for the city’s leader to select judges for national security cases.

黃啟暘、鄭焯謙及何旳匡談法治及權力分立 (Talk on separation of powers and rule of law)

近日我們的成員黃啟暘、鄭焯謙及何旳匡到香港兆基創意書院與數班該校的中四學生分享法治及權力分立的概念。 法政匯思非常樂意與學術機構進行法律問題的探討,並期待未來更多合作。

‘King of judicial review’ to challenge Finance Sec.’s refusal to answer lawmaker questions

Kwok Cheuk-kin, a Cheung Chau resident nicknamed the “king of judicial review,” is to bring a legal challenge against Finance Secretary John Tsang after the official refused to answer questions from four pro-democracy lawmakers, HKFP has learned.

Hong Kong does not have separation of powers, only judicial independence, says pro-Beijing heavyweight

Pro-Beijing heavyweight Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai has said that Hong Kong does not have separation of powers as it is not written in the territory’s mini-constitution. Lawyer Alan Wong of the Progressive Lawyers Group slammed Fan for “completely misinterpreting” Hong Kong’s mini-constitution.

法政匯思短評:關於張曉明的「特首超越三權」論 (Short Commentary regarding Zhang Xiaoming’s Claim that “The Chief Executive Transcends the Three Branches of Government”)