China’s new ‘rule of law’ in Hong Kong sets stage for new protests

Now that China’s virus crisis has calmed — and the rest of the world is distracted by the pandemic — Beijing’s newcomers in Hong Kong are trying to stop the likely return of last year’s protests, which evolved from resistance to an extradition bill to a citywide anti-government movement.



法政匯思就北京回應香港高等法院有關禁蒙面法判決的聲明 (Statement on Beijing’s Reaction to High Court’s Mask Ruling)

香港高等法院於2019年11月18日裁定香港特區政府引用《緊急情況規例條例》(下稱《緊急法》)禁止市民於公眾地方蒙面的規例「不符合基本法」,並強調該於2019年10月5日起生效的規例過分地限制基本權利及自由。(On 18 November 2019, the High Court ruled that the Hong Kong SAR government’s ban on face coverings in public places under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance (the “ERO”) was “incompatible with the Basic Law” and that the new law, which had gone into effect since 5 October, imposed excessive restrictions on fundamental rights and freedoms.)

【蒙面惡法】北京批港法院無權裁違憲 CNN:違普通法的基本原則


Chinese stance on Hong Kong mask ban ruling reignites legal fears

On Beijing's denunciation of the Hong Kong court judgment which ruled that the mask law was unconstitutional under the Basic Law, Progressive Lawyers Group's Wilson Leung
told Financial Times that the statement is "shocking" and "takes it to a new low"

法政匯思就香港政府引用《緊急情況規例條例》之聲明 (Statement on the Hong Kong SAR Government Invoking the Emergency Regulations Ordinance)

法政匯思就香港政府引用《緊急情況規例條例》之聲明 (Statement on the Hong Kong SAR Government Invoking the Emergency Regulations Ordinance)

【網上論壇】《緊急法》止暴還是惟恐不亂? (法政匯思召集人、大律師 吳宗鑾)


法政匯思就行政長官 7 月 2 日凌晨 4 時記者會的回應 (Statement of the Progressive Lawyers Group in Response to the Media Session held by the Chief Executive at 4 am on 2 July 2019 at the Police Headquarters)

2019 年 7 月 2 日清晨 4 時,行政長官及幾位官員在警察總部舉行記者會,就前一晚闖入立法會大樓示威者所使用的暴力作出譴責。就此,法政匯思發表聲明回應。 (At 4 am on 2 July 2019, the Chief Executive and her colleagues held a media session at the police headquarters. The CE condemned the use of violence by protesters who broke into the Legislative Council building the night before. The PLG issued a statement in response.)



Hong Kong’s reputation hit with a double whammy, say Australian expats

Antony Dapiran, an Australian lawyer in Hong Kong, said: "Without doubt Hong Kong’s global business reputation has been impacted by this."

Hong Kong has pulled off an amazing win against a dire threat to its freedoms

The odds were long but the million people who turned out last Sunday—and the tens of thousands who circled government offices—did it. Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam today (June 15) changed course, saying she had decided to indefinitely suspend a controversial bill that would have made it possible to extradite people from the city to China’s mainland to face trial.

法政匯思出席芝加哥反送中集會 (Progressive Lawyers Group at Chicago Anti-extradition Rally)

法政匯思前召集人蔡騏於芝加哥參與反送中集會。(Progressive Lawyers Group's Ex-convenor Craig Choy attended an anti-extradition rally in Chicago in support of the protests in Hong Kong).

Why Hong Kong protesters are outraged by extradition bill

On June 9, 2019, organizers say that more than 1 million protesters in Hong Kong -- which would be nearly one in seven people in the city -- voiced their opposition to an extradition bill that would allow fugitives to be transferred to mainland China. Speaking to the Hong Kong Free Press, demonstrator and retired civil servant HK Lau said that the passage of the bill would mean the end of the "One Country, Two Systems" principle under which the city had been governed since the resumption of Chinese rule in 1997.

Massive Crowds Take to Streets in ‘Last Fight’ for Hong Kong

HONG KONG—Demonstrators staged the biggest rally challenging China’s authority over the city since Britain ceded control in 1997, marching through streets for hours to protest a proposed law that would let Beijing take people across the border to stand trial in the mainland.

Why the Hong Kong Extradition Bill Matters to You

In this video (in English), Progressive Lawyers Group member Vicki Lui explains to you why Hong Kong Government's proposed extradition bill matters to you - whether you are from Hong Kong, an expat residing in Hong Kong or a visitor transitting in Hong Kong

In Pictures: Thousands of Hong Kong lawyers stage rare, silent ‘black march’ over controversial extradition bill

Hong Kong’s legal sector staged a rare protest against the city’s controversial extradition bill on Thursday. Clad in back, several thousand lawyers gathered at Central’s Court of Final Appeal before marching in silence to government headquarters in Admiralty.

They observed a three-minute moment of silence at the end-point of the rally. Legal sector lawmaker Dennis Kwok said the protest – the legal sector’s fifth demonstration since the 1997 Handover – was the largest one yet. He said he estimated that 2,500 to 3,000 lawyers participated.

首份香港法治報告已公布!(Launch of Rule of Law Report)

在此報告,我們概括了2018年度影響香港法治的事件,提供法律分析,並向政府及其他持份者作出建議。(Great thanks to our team and media friends for making the launch of our inaugural Rule of Law Report a success! In our Rule of Law Report 2018, we record events which affected the rule of law in Hong Kong in 2018, provide legal analysis of the same, and make recommendations for the government and stakeholders.)

Decline and fall? Progressive Lawyers Group plans new barometer to measure Hong Kong’s rule of law

Written in 2019, a report on Hong Kong’s rule of law may make for uncomfortable reading – but to the authors, it is also a reminder that there is much work to be done. Next month the Progressive Lawyers Group (PLG) will launch what it hopes will be an annual tradition: a record of major events affecting Hong Kong’s rule of law, paired with its own legal analysis and recommendations.

法政匯思就政府建議修訂引渡相關法例之聲明 (Statement of the Progressive Lawyers Group on the Government’s Proposal to Amend Extradition Laws)

2019年2月12日,香港特別行政區政府(「特區政府」)保安局向立法會保安事務委員會提交修訂香港法例第503章《逃犯條例》以及第525章《刑事事宜相互法律協助條例》的建議(「該建議」)。若該建議修訂獲通過,特區政府將能夠移交刑事案件的疑犯至尚未與香港簽訂正式雙邊引渡協議的司法管轄區(「非協議地區」),包括中國內地、台灣和澳門 (On 12 February 2019, the Security Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR government submitted a proposal (the “Proposal”) to the Legislative Council’s (the “Legco”) Panel on Security to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Cap. 503) (“FOO”) and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance (Cap. 525) (“MLAO”). If adopted, the amendments will allow the SAR government to surrender suspects in criminal cases between Hong Kong and jurisdictions with which the SAR has not entered into a formal bilateral extradition agreement (“non-contracting jurisdictions”), including mainland China, Taiwan and Macau).

法政匯思就律政司司長有關檢控高級政府官員的言論的聲明 (Statement of the Progressive Lawyers Group regarding the Secretary for Justice’s Remarks in respect of Prosecution of a Senior Government Official)

該言論反映律政司背離了其長久以來的一貫政策,這是十分危險的。因為它破壞了律政司在公眾認知中不偏不倚的形象和誠信,同時亦削弱市民對香港法治的信心。毋庸置疑,大眾亦關注是次事件會否成為先例,為日後選擇性檢控政府官員提供藉口。(The Remarks show that there is a departure from the DOJ's longstanding policy, which is dangerous as it would undermine public perceptions of the impartiality and trustworthiness of the DOJ and reduce public confidence in the rule of law in Hong Kong. No doubt the public would also be concerned as to whether it would become a precedent for excusing the prosecution of government officials in the future on a selective basis.)