Six-monthly report on Hong Kong: January to June 2019

The six-monthly report of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office refers to the Rule of Law Report 2018 of the Progressive Lawyers Group!


孔杰榮教授對法治報告2018的支持讓我們深感榮幸。孔杰榮教授是紐約大學法學院教授、紐約大學法學院亞美法研究所所長,以及外交關係委員會資深兼職研究員。 與此同時,法政匯思仍然極之歡迎各讀者撥冗閱讀 #ROLreport2018 (,並提出想法或建議。如有者,請發臉書信息或電郵 與我們聯絡。

Panel discussion: Fighting the good fight in defence of Hong Kong’s rule of law

Our members Craig Choy and Senia Ng, and academic Benson Wong attended a lively panel discussion at HKU on Tuesday to discuss what civil society and academia can do to slow down or reverse the regressing rule of law in Hong Kong. Convenor Jason Ng moderated the discussion.


筆者寫這篇文章並非是為了表達灰心喪志的感覺,而只是想提出:我們不能忽視身在同溫層的可能性,不能夠因為一時鼓舞的感覺而忘記把我們的理念推得更遠更廣。故此筆者亦在此呼籲各位,在日常生活中適當地引入有關社會議題的討論,也歡迎各位和筆者一樣,以法政匯思的《Hong Kong Rule of Law Report香港法政報告2018》為起點──這份報告可以於法政匯思的官方網站下載(中文版於170頁開始),並且廣泛與朋友分享。但願在下次抗爭的時候,我們看見的不再只是熟悉的面孔,而是會有更多新血加入我們,成為我們的一份子。

The “Occupy Central 9” Cases: Rule of Law or Rule by Law in Hong Kong?

On April 9, 2019, a Hong Kong district court convicted three leaders of the civil disobedience campaign “Occupy Central with Love and Peace” (OCLP) and six other local pro-democracy activists on various public nuisance-related charges.