Why Hong Kong protesters are outraged by extradition bill

On June 9, 2019, organizers say that more than 1 million protesters in Hong Kong -- which would be nearly one in seven people in the city -- voiced their opposition to an extradition bill that would allow fugitives to be transferred to mainland China. Speaking to the Hong Kong Free Press, demonstrator and retired civil servant HK Lau said that the passage of the bill would mean the end of the "One Country, Two Systems" principle under which the city had been governed since the resumption of Chinese rule in 1997.

Political Prisoners in Hong Kong

On August 17, a Hong Kong appeals court sentenced student democracy activists Joshua Wong, Alex Chow, and Nathan Law to six to eight months imprisonment. The three had earlier been convicted of crimes related to unlawful assembly during a demonstration in 2014 when they had crossed a police barrier, but the lower court had sentenced them only to community service and a suspended jail sentence, arguing that their breach had been a form of political expression. But even in Hong Kong, a city which has enjoyed political freedoms absent elsewhere in China, it was the preservation of “public order” the court chose to emphasize. “To disrupt public order and public peace in the name of free exercise of powers,” said court Vice President Wally Yeung Chun-kuen, “will cause our society to descend into chaos.” The new sentence, which the three plan to appeal, also carries a five-year prohibition on running for elected office in Hong Kong. Progressive Lawyers Group member Alvin Y.H. Cheung was interviewed by ChinaFile about the jailed activists.

Why Hong Kong’s justice minister Rimsky Yuen is so sanguine about joint checkpoint for express rail link

(SCMP) Jason Y. Ng says the logic behind Rimsky Yuen’s support for immigration co-location at West Kowloon is unsound, but the justice minister’s confidence stems from knowing that Beijing always has the last word.

法政匯思短評:關於律政司司長最近就高鐵一地兩檢安排之意見 (Short Commentary regarding Secretary for Justice’s Recent Comments in relation to the Co-location Arrangement of the Express Rail Link)

律政司司長袁國強和運輸及房屋局局長張炳良於2015年11月21日在北京會晤港澳事務辦公室官員並討論有關廣深港高速鐵路(「高鐵」 )香港段「一地兩檢」的法律安排(「一地兩檢安排」) 。律政司司長在會後確實,雙方已達成共識,使一地兩檢安排得以實現,亦即代表內地官員可在香港特別行政區内行使中華人民共和國法律下的權力(「共識」)。我們認為該共識並不符合現行的《基本法》。

Hong Kong justice secretary slammed in row over judicial rulings related to Occupy protests

(SCMP) The Progressive Lawyers Group on Monday questioned Yuen's failure to defend the judiciary against what the group saw as "unwarranted attacks on the judiciary".

"We ... call on the secretary for justice, who under common law tradition and convention is tasked with being the ultimate defender of the judiciary, to speak out clearly and forcefully against such outrageous and scurrilous attacks on the judiciary," the group said in a statement.