Hong Kong police quit posts at two city hospitals after complaining they were verbally abused over extradition bill arrests

Barrister Chris Ng Chung-luen, who also signed the petition, said the police misunderstood their power. He said the privacy exemption cited by the association was not exercised by the officers themselves, but by the hospitals. That means if hospital staff decline to pass on patients’ information to officers, police cannot force them to do so.

Five Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protesters were arrested at public hospitals whilst seeking treatment

Chris Ng, convener of the Progressive Lawyers’ Group, said the admissibility evidence gathered at hospitals may be challenged in court if it was gathered by police in an unlawful manner. But he said police may also point to evidence that was not gathered at hospitals.

《醫學界、衞生服務界、法律界聯合聲明 務請警員勿阻礙救護工作及 尊重病人私隱》Joint Statement by the Medical, Health Services and Legal sectors : Appealing for the police to avoid hindrance of medical treatment and to respect the privacy of patients


版權法律改革及網絡自由 (Internet freedom and copyright reform in HK)


Facebook sees 212% increase in Hong Kong gov’t user information requests

Hong Kong government departments have submitted more user information requests to social media networks over the past three years, though there is a general decrease in the number of overall information requests, a report has showed.

Prying webcams used by artist to capture unsuspecting Hongkongers in controversial UK exhibition

Privacy experts have criticised a London artist for unfairly accessing peoples’ personal data after home devices were used without consent to collect images from inside homes