Hong Kong police quit posts at two city hospitals after complaining they were verbally abused over extradition bill arrests

Barrister Chris Ng Chung-luen, who also signed the petition, said the police misunderstood their power. He said the privacy exemption cited by the association was not exercised by the officers themselves, but by the hospitals. That means if hospital staff decline to pass on patients’ information to officers, police cannot force them to do so.

Hong Kong children expose their identities, thoughts and flesh to millions of strangers on popular iPhone app Tik Tok, Post finds

Hundreds of Hong Kong children, some as young as nine, are exposing their identities, innermost thoughts and even flesh to millions of strangers on the world’s most popular iPhone app, an investigation by the Post has found.

The naked truth on drones Watching people in bath is OK, lawmaker mocks

Barrister Craig Choy Ki said drone-peeping at someone bathing without recording did not violate the privacy law. "In a legal context, the definition of personal data requires the data to be recorded in a format. Also, the person involved has to be identifiable in the data," said Choy who is convener of the Progressive Lawyers' Group.