Former Hong Kong minister Patrick Ho appeals against US conviction in multimillion-dollar bribery case

Disgraced former Hong Kong minister Patrick Ho Chi-ping has appealed against his conviction in the US over a multimillion-dollar bribery case. Jason Ng, a US lawyer and convenor of Hong Kong’s Progressive Lawyers Group, said that for Ho to successfully appeal he would either have to present new evidence or witnesses, challenge the evidence from the prosecutors’ side or argue that the judge wrongly interpreted legal principles.

【何志平涉貪】同時被捕卻未被起訴 前塞內加爾外長獲撤控或轉任污點證人

前民政事務局局長何志平涉貪在美國被檢控,至今仍在還柙。同案另一被告、前塞內加爾外長加迪奧(Cheikh Gadio)日前卻獲司法部撤銷控罪。有美國律師認為加迪奧或提供重要證據轉做污點證人,將會對何志平非常不利。

何志平案「中間人」獲撤指控 塞內加爾前外長甩身 代表:續與美方合作

民政事務局前局長何志平涉賄非洲國家政要而在美國被捕一案,同案的塞內加爾前外長、被指為何志平做中間人的加迪奧(Cheikh Gadio),於美國時間上周五(14日)獲控方撤回指控。有美國執業律師估計,控方撤銷指控可能因為證據不足或蒐證程序出錯,亦不排除加迪奧以提供更有力證據頂證何志平作為交換,現階段難判斷事件對何志平的案件有何影響。

All parties deny involvement after US arrests ex-Hong Kong top official Patrick Ho on multi-million dollar bribery charges

All parties involved in the alleged bribery scheme engulfing former Hong Kong official Patrick Ho have denied any involvement, after the Ugandan foreign ministry said it was erroneous to link its minister to Ho. Ho, 68, was arrested in New York last weekend. He stands accused of facilitating multi-million dollar bribes destined for top officials in Chad and Uganda. The funds were transferred via Hong Kong and New York on behalf of a Chinese company to allegedly secure oil rights. If convicted, he faces 20 years in jail. Jason Y. Ng, a New York-qualified attorney and member of the Progressive Lawyers Group, gave HKFP his views on the incident.