Statement on the National Security Law to be Promulgated in Hong Kong (法政匯思就港區《國安法》之聲明)

法政匯思毫無保留地反對《國安法》立法 (The Progressive Lawyers Group (“PLG”) unreservedly opposes the enactment of the NSL).

Reactions to details of Hong Kong’s new national security law

Angeline Chan, Solicitor and Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor: “(Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam) to cherry pick judges is one of most concerning things for us. It’s an act to import political elements into the judiciary system which is supposed to be impartial.”

Open letter from 86 groups: China – scrap national security law to save Hong Kong freedoms

We are writing to express our grave concerns regarding the recent adoption by China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) of a formal decision to directly impose national security legislation on Hong Kong. We urge the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) to reject the legislation.

Hong Kong’s dark days continue

If 2019 was a year of relative success for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, 2020 has become a challenge. On the back of last year’s social unrest, the negative consequences of Hong Kong’s fight is unfolding in the new decade.