In Pictures: Thousands of Hong Kong lawyers stage rare, silent ‘black march’ over controversial extradition bill

Hong Kong’s legal sector staged a rare protest against the city’s controversial extradition bill on Thursday. Clad in back, several thousand lawyers gathered at Central’s Court of Final Appeal before marching in silence to government headquarters in Admiralty. They observed a three-minute moment of silence at the end-point of the rally. Legal sector lawmaker Dennis Kwok said the protest – the legal sector’s fifth demonstration since the 1997 Handover – was the largest one yet. He said he estimated that 2,500 to 3,000 lawyers participated.

Hong Kong Lawyers Protest Beijing’s Overreach

The Progressive Lawyers Group says the ruling has gone well beyond an interpretation of the Basic Law as it effectively prescribes matters within the remit of Hong Kong domestic law, which is a power not accorded to Beijing under the existing Basic Law framework of Hong Kong.