UPDATE 1-Hong Kong lawyers alarmed at plans for judges in national security trials

"It is an act to import political elements into the judicial system, which is supposed to be impartial,” said Angeline Chan, a solicitor and convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group in reply to plans for the city’s leader to select judges for national security cases.

Reactions to details of Hong Kong’s new national security law

Angeline Chan, Solicitor and Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor: “(Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam) to cherry pick judges is one of most concerning things for us. It’s an act to import political elements into the judiciary system which is supposed to be impartial.”

Chinese stance on Hong Kong mask ban ruling reignites legal fears

On Beijing's denunciation of the Hong Kong court judgment which ruled that the mask law was unconstitutional under the Basic Law, Progressive Lawyers Group's Wilson Leung
told Financial Times that the statement is "shocking" and "takes it to a new low"

吳靄儀:「命運自主」打一場硬仗 不應過分依賴司法覆核

眾新聞和立場新聞聯合主辦「法治危機 — 這條路能怎樣走下去?」座談會,邀請立法會前法律界議員吳靄儀、大律師公會前主席李志喜、「法政匯思」召集人吳宗鑾擔任主講嘉賓。

Hong Kong woman arrested for allegedly insulting judiciary over Occupy police assault sentencing

The Equal Opportunities Commission, the Bar Association and the Progressive Lawyers’ Group have condemned the incident.

“Any attack on anyone based on one’s ethnicity must not be tolerated. Not only is such [an] attack unwarranted, but it also undermines the role of Hong Kong as an international city,”



【法政匯絲】就算失望 不能絕望


This week, Beijing is putting Hong Kong’s judicial independence on the line

(Quartz) As the Hong Kong government takes to the courts to challenge the right of two pro-independence politicians to swear in as lawmakers in the city’s legislature, many are looking to the judiciary as the last line of defense against Beijing’s growing encroachment on Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Hong Kong judges under fire: Do critics want accountability ‘watchdogs’ or political rottweilers?

Hong Kong’s judges have frequently found themselves pilloried by political talking heads of late, and the past few weeks have been no exception.  Former ICAC Deputy Commissioner Tony Kwok Man-wai called on Internet users to “hunt down” the judge who granted bail to Hong Kong Indigenous leader Ray Wong Toi-yeung and dig up dirt on judges’ “relationships with pan-democratic parties.”