Hong Kong woman arrested for allegedly insulting judiciary over Occupy police assault sentencing

The Equal Opportunities Commission, the Bar Association and the Progressive Lawyers’ Group have condemned the incident. “Any attack on anyone based on one’s ethnicity must not be tolerated. Not only is such [an] attack unwarranted, but it also undermines the role of Hong Kong as an international city,”

Banning foreign judges will deal a serious blow to Hong Kong’s justice system, lawyer warns

Human rights lawyer Jonathan Man has stood up for Hong Kong’s recruitment system for judges, amid renewed calls from Chinese legal scholars to exclude “foreign judges” from the judiciary.

Online attacks on judge in Ken Tsang assault case may be contempt of court, lawyer warns

A wave of online attacks against Judge David Dufton of the District Court has taken place following his decision on Tuesday to convict seven police officers of assault against activist Ken Tsang during the 2014 pro-democracy Occupy protests.

Interview with RTHK Backchat

A former ICAC official has suggested setting up watchdog organisations to monitor judges. Our convenor Wilson Leung was on RTHK Backchat to explain why we should be very cautious about such idea, and the importance of allowing judges to perform their function without external interference.

Hong Kong justice secretary slammed in row over judicial rulings related to Occupy protests

(SCMP) The Progressive Lawyers Group on Monday questioned Yuen's failure to defend the judiciary against what the group saw as "unwarranted attacks on the judiciary".

"We ... call on the secretary for justice, who under common law tradition and convention is tasked with being the ultimate defender of the judiciary, to speak out clearly and forcefully against such outrageous and scurrilous attacks on the judiciary," the group said in a statement.