To the International Community: Please Help Us Help Hong Kong!

To the international community in Hong Kong and around the world, we need you urgently! A proposed extradition arrangement with mainland China is threatening Hong Kong people’s personal safety and free expression. It is the latest battle in the fight against the quickening erosion of the city’s civil liberties. The situation is dire and this video tells how you can make a difference by writing your governments, embassies and consulates using the templates below.

Jason Y. Ng Quoted in Denmark’s Weekendavisen in respect of the Protests Against the Extradition Bill

PLG Convenor Jason Y. Ng is quoted in Denmark's Weekendavisen in respect of the protests against the extradition bill.

Hong Kong protests: “These protesters see China as a bulldozer”

Hong Kong protests: "These protesters see China as a bulldozer"

Hongkong : «Pékin a les opposants dans le viseur»

L’exécutif pro-chinois de l’ex-colonie britannique est décidé à autoriser les extraditions vers la Chine. Après une mobilisation d’un million de personnes dimanche, le gouvernement devait commencer ce mercredi à examiner le projet de loi, qui sera soumis au vote le 20 juin. Un examen finalement reporté.

Hong Kong legislators postpone debate on China extradition bill as protesters flood streets

“With Hong Kong being a financial city and society very polarized at the moment, we don’t expect a complete or near complete participation from all schools and companies. But every little bit helps,” said Jason Y. Ng, convener of the Progressive Lawyers Group.

Chinese media blames ‘foreign forces’ for huge Hong Kong protests

Chinese state media has said that “foreign forces” seeking “to hurt China by trying to create havoc in Hong Kong” were behind the million-strong protest on Sunday.

One million Chinese take to the streets in ‘last fight’ for Hong Kong

More than one million people jammed the streets of Hong Kong on June 9 to protest the Chinese government’s proposed law that would allow the regime of supreme leader Xi Jinping to extradite people from Hong Kong to stand trial in the mainland.

Massive Crowds Take to Streets in ‘Last Fight’ for Hong Kong

HONG KONG—Demonstrators staged the biggest rally challenging China’s authority over the city since Britain ceded control in 1997, marching through streets for hours to protest a proposed law that would let Beijing take people across the border to stand trial in the mainland.

Press Freedom Day 2019: Hong Kong’s freedom is in decline, and students are worried

Increasing intervention from Beijing, the chilling effect of some “troubling” incidents, and government policies that curtail free expression are what caused the decline of Hong Kong’s press freedom, said Jason Y. Ng, convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group.

Former Hong Kong minister Patrick Ho appeals against US conviction in multimillion-dollar bribery case

Disgraced former Hong Kong minister Patrick Ho Chi-ping has appealed against his conviction in the US over a multimillion-dollar bribery case. Jason Ng, a US lawyer and convenor of Hong Kong’s Progressive Lawyers Group, said that for Ho to successfully appeal he would either have to present new evidence or witnesses, challenge the evidence from the prosecutors’ side or argue that the judge wrongly interpreted legal principles.

Decline and fall? Progressive Lawyers Group plans new barometer to measure Hong Kong’s rule of law

Written in 2019, a report on Hong Kong’s rule of law may make for uncomfortable reading – but to the authors, it is also a reminder that there is much work to be done. Next month the Progressive Lawyers Group (PLG) will launch what it hopes will be an annual tradition: a record of major events affecting Hong Kong’s rule of law, paired with its own legal analysis and recommendations.

Jason Y. Ng Attended RTHK Interview on Extradition Laws

Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor Jason Y. Ng attended radio programme Backchat today to discuss, among other things, the Government’s plan to amend the extradition laws which will allow Hong Kong to hand over fugitives to mainland China.

Dangerous and unnecessary: why Hong Kong’s extradition proposal is a legislative menace

Move over, national anthem law. Make room, anti-subversion bill. Here comes the government’s latest legislative menace: a fundamental policy shift in fugitive transfers between Hong Kong and mainland China. This time, the threat to personal security is bigger, more real, and has the potential to affect a broader range of people than any other government bill we’ve seen in recent years.

馬雲入黨不報 阿里恐有手尾跟 市場質疑不符美上市要求

美國執業律師、法政匯思發言人Jason Y. Ng表示,根據美國證監會條文,管理層需要披露其工作經驗、職能、在機構外的主要商業活動等,很多美國上市的中國國有企業,都沒有公開自己的共產黨員身份。除非可以證明其身份對公司的生意營運、財政狀況有重大影響,否則如共產黨員身份與公司生意無關,便毋須硬性規定披露。他認為要證明馬雲為公司所作的決定,是受其黨員身份影響,例如電郵、電話錄音,證明國家有干預阿里巴巴,「不過到其時,阿里巴巴所要面對的問題,是比無披露馬雲身份更嚴重」。

華為孟晚舟事件: 特朗普(Donald Trump)勢成華為孟晚舟最強後盾!律師話你知點解!

特朗普 Donald Trump 發了twitter,話如對國家好,唔介意介入孟晚舟事件。但好奇怪,因為美加三權分立,總統可以干涉案件嗎?法政匯思成員、美國執業律師Jason Y. Ng解釋特朗普可如何介入司法案件。


在加拿大被捕的華為副董事長孟晚舟,會於當地時間星期一再度出席保釋聆訊。法政匯思發言人、美國執業律師Jason Y. Ng表示,除非案件引起極大爭議,或者相關罪行只有美國一方生效,以及罪名的刑罰為監禁一年以下,否則加拿大一般都會批准美國的引渡申請。

【何志平涉賄】料刑期至少15年 律師:可申請返港服刑

香港民政事務局前局長何志平在美國被判賄賂罪成,法政匯思成員、美國執業律師Jason Y.N認為,案件證據充分,除非發現法官技術上出錯或找到新證據,否則批准上訴機會不大,對何志平非常不利。他估計,刑期至少十五至二十年,但當中仍會考慮何志平有否悔意,及其他減刑的因素。

【華為孟晚舟被捕】律師:美金結算美國可執法 料加拿大引渡疑犯


What Hong Kong’s expulsion of a foreign journalist tells us about leader Carrie Lam’s woes

The Hong Kong government likes to deliver bad news on Fridays, and this week was no exception.

HKFP revealed the bombshell on Friday afternoon that the local authorities had denied The Financial Times‘ Asia editor Victor Mallet a work visa, without offering any explanation. The rejection – confirmed by the paper – came weeks after Mallet moderated a talk by pro-independence activist Andy Chan Ho-tin at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, for which the British journalist serves as first vice president.

【何志平涉貪】同時被捕卻未被起訴 前塞內加爾外長獲撤控或轉任污點證人

前民政事務局局長何志平涉貪在美國被檢控,至今仍在還柙。同案另一被告、前塞內加爾外長加迪奧(Cheikh Gadio)日前卻獲司法部撤銷控罪。有美國律師認為加迪奧或提供重要證據轉做污點證人,將會對何志平非常不利。