New Law, New Threat (Human Rights First)

Progressive Lawyers Group members Jason Y. Ng, Craig Choy and Wilson Leung commented on the threat faced by human rights lawyers in Hong Kong in Human Rights First's latest report on Hong Kong.

Anger as Hong Kong watchdog clears police over protest response

Activists and legal experts have condemned a report by Hong Kong’s police watchdog that found the force’s response to the city’s protests to be justified and within regulations.

Why domestic workers are the unsung heroes of Hong Kong’s coronavirus crisis

As the world is gripped by the COVID-19 outbreak, there is an outpouring of gratitude for frontline medical workers who risk their health and safety to treat patients. Overdue credit has also been given to truck drivers and grocery store workers who put in long hours to meet the increased demand for food and daily supplies.

The death of press freedom: A ban on journalists in Hong Kong would be unworkable

In a hastily put-together statement issued after midnight yesterday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced a ban on journalists at three top American press media outlets. According to the statement, U.S. nationals working for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post have ten days to surrender their press cards and will be prohibited from working in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

This logo won a design competition in China. It looks a lot like Disney’s

The Chinese city of Dalian has selected a new design for a logo aimed at promoting tourism. One problem: It looks an awful lot like Disney's.

Soothing the anniversary blues, 5 years on: Hong Kong’s Umbrella movement was a lesson in civic engagement

There are dates on the calendar that bring back uncomfortable, distressing or even painful memories—of natural disasters, of gun violence, of bloody government crackdowns. They give us what pop psychologists call “anniversary blues.” Today is one of those days.

Jason Y. Ng “La Chine ne mobilisera pas l’armée à Hong Kong”

"Pour les manifestants, ne pas combattre signifierait accepter une dérive désormais considérée comme intolérable."

Know your rights at Hong Kong protests: FAQ with the Progressive Lawyers Group

In the event of a police search or arrest, knowing your rights and doing the smart thing can be the difference between walking free and getting into serious legal trouble.

‘21 hours in handcuffs’: China clampdown leaves Hong Kongers terrified to travel

He was not charged with any crime but Chinese police had decided that he would be needed to “assist in an investigation” into Hong Kong’s ongoing anti-government protests after immigration agents found photos on his phone at the border.

Hong Kong police arrest young leaders, activists warn ‘will ignite further anger’

Police in Hong Kong have arrested at least three young leaders, including one of the city’s most prominent democratic activists, a day before a weekend of new protests are expected to begin.

What Hongkongers should know before going on strike on Monday

Practical advice from Jason Y. Ng, convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group, on the legalities of Monday’s citywide strike. “You make informed decisions, your job doesn’t have to get in the way of your political activism and vice versa.“ —Jason Y. Ng

大狀:強闖立會可囚2年 刑毁設施囚10年


Hongkongers have reason to protest, but this July 1st rally may be the biggest test of their resolve yet

Hongkongers had a long June fighting the government and Beijing leadership, showing the world the resolve of the people to defend their rights. Hongkongers must now continue to stand in unity and protest until the government responds to the demands.

Hong Kong police: Anger swells against ‘Asia’s Finest’

Once dubbed "Asia's Finest", Hong Kong's police are fighting allegations of using excessive violence against protesters, their headquarters besieged twice in the last week as calls for an independent inquiry into their tactics swell.

法政匯思召集人Jason Y. Ng接受澳門平台訪問

法政匯思的Jason Y. Ng提出截然相反的觀點,這涉及提高公眾對香港法律 制度、權利、自由和保障的法律風險的 認識。他與政府的論點背道而馳:「香港 從來不是成為逃犯或罪犯的避風港,政 府利用這一論點來製造一場不存在的危 機,並為法律辯護。」大規模的抗議活動 的結果令律師感到高興:「我們認為,在 雨傘運動結束後,抗議者沒有取得切實 的政治利益,人們已經擺脫了這些原因 而厭倦了示威活動,但我們看到的是一 群相信價值,並認為是值得為自己的城 市去爭取的群眾。」

China’s U-turn on Hong Kong extradition Bill expected to have a price

“They want to get this over with before the summit actually begins,” said Jason Y Ng, convener of the Hong Kong-based Progressive Lawyers Group. However, he said, the extradition Bill saga would not have gone down well on mainland China, and Beijing would likely take action in response.

Hong Kong Marchers Flood Streets Over Extradition Bill

HONG KONG—Protesters poured into this city’s streets for a second Sunday despite the suspension of a controversial bill to expand the government’s extradition powers, as a week of demonstrations appeared to be spiraling into a broader political movement.

Jason Y. Ng Spoke to CBS on Recent Protests Against Extradition Bill

Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor Jason Y. Ng spoke to CBS on the protests against the extradition bill in Hong Kong. He said that a foreigner without doing anything unlawful may be extradited because China may make up evidence.

Hong Kong leader halts extradition bill but opponents vow fresh rally

Hong Kong (AFP) - Hong Kong's embattled leader on Saturday suspended a hugely divisive bill that would allow extraditions to China, in a major climbdown following unprecedented unrest, but protesters vowed to press ahead with a mass Sunday rally.

Hong Kong has pulled off an amazing win against a dire threat to its freedoms

The odds were long but the million people who turned out last Sunday—and the tens of thousands who circled government offices—did it. Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam today (June 15) changed course, saying she had decided to indefinitely suspend a controversial bill that would have made it possible to extradite people from the city to China’s mainland to face trial.