Panel discussion: Fighting the good fight in defence of Hong Kong’s rule of law

Our members Craig Choy and Senia Ng, and academic Benson Wong attended a lively panel discussion at HKU on Tuesday to discuss what civil society and academia can do to slow down or reverse the regressing rule of law in Hong Kong. Convenor Jason Ng moderated the discussion.

馬雲入黨不報 阿里恐有手尾跟 市場質疑不符美上市要求

美國執業律師、法政匯思發言人Jason Y. Ng表示,根據美國證監會條文,管理層需要披露其工作經驗、職能、在機構外的主要商業活動等,很多美國上市的中國國有企業,都沒有公開自己的共產黨員身份。除非可以證明其身份對公司的生意營運、財政狀況有重大影響,否則如共產黨員身份與公司生意無關,便毋須硬性規定披露。他認為要證明馬雲為公司所作的決定,是受其黨員身份影響,例如電郵、電話錄音,證明國家有干預阿里巴巴,「不過到其時,阿里巴巴所要面對的問題,是比無披露馬雲身份更嚴重」。

The Victoria Park Tiananmen vigil debate: Should you go, or stay at home?

Today marks the twenty-eighth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, known more delicately in this part of the world as the June 4th Incident. Members of the so-called ‘June 4th Generation’—people born in, or before, the 1980s who feel a deep connection with the thousands of student protesters murdered that summer—have always felt a sense of duty toward them: to vindicate their death, and until then, ensure that the younger generations do not forget what happened.