法政匯思毫無保留地反對《國安法》立法 (The Progressive Lawyers Group (“PLG”) unreservedly opposes the enactment of the NSL).

專業團體強烈譴責警方7.21於上環一帶以過度武力清場之聯合聲明 (Joint Statement by the Professional Organisations to strongly condemn the excessive use of force by the police to disperse protesters on 7.21 in the area of ​​Sheung Wan)

警方使用過度武力,罔顧市民性命安全,並肆意違反專業操守。專業團體對此予以強烈譴責,我們要求政府及警方作出詳細交代。與此同時,我們重申政府應馬上成立獨立調查委員會,以修補社會撕裂,化解危機。並儘快重啟政改,早日落實雙普選,從制度上徹底解決社會問題。(The excessive use of force of the police disregards the safety of the citizens and is a blatant violation of professional conduct. We strongly condemn the police’s actions and demand the government and the police to give detailed accounts of such use of force. Meanwhile, we reiterate that the government should immediately set up an independent investigation committee in order to salvage our fragmented society and resolve the current crisis. Moreover, the government should reinitiate political reforms as soon as possible and implement universal suffrage in the elections of Legislative Council members and the Chief Executive so as to resolve the problems of our society at a systemic level.)

Business chambers, lawyers, academics and foreign states react to storming of Hong Kong’s legislature

Hundreds of masked anti-government protesters broke into, and vandalised, the Legislative Council (LegCo) on Monday evening in an escalation of events earlier in the day which saw police use pepper spray against crowds occupying thoroughfares in Admiralty. The fallout of the storming of Hong Kong’s legislature continues as reactions have poured in from different sectors of Hong Kong, as well as from abroad.

法政匯思就行政長官 7 月 2 日凌晨 4 時記者會的回應 (Statement of the Progressive Lawyers Group in Response to the Media Session held by the Chief Executive at 4 am on 2 July 2019 at the Police Headquarters)

2019 年 7 月 2 日清晨 4 時,行政長官及幾位官員在警察總部舉行記者會,就前一晚闖入立法會大樓示威者所使用的暴力作出譴責。就此,法政匯思發表聲明回應。 (At 4 am on 2 July 2019, the Chief Executive and her colleagues held a media session at the police headquarters. The CE condemned the use of violence by protesters who broke into the Legislative Council building the night before. The PLG issued a statement in response.)

Hong Kong Protesters Take Stock as Police Announce More Arrests

HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s protesters tried on Wednesday to maintain a united front and take stock of the movement’s gains and losses, as the police said they had arrested 12 people involved in clashes near the city’s legislature Monday.

Dân Hong Kong biểu tình – Giới trí thức nghĩ gì, làm gì?

Hai tuần sau đỉnh điểm cuộc biểu tình thu hút 2 triệu người hôm 16/6, dân Hong Kong lại đang rầm rộ xuống đường vì những đòi hỏi của họ vẫn chưa được chính quyền thân Bắc Kinh của Hong Kong đáp ứng.

Hongkongers have reason to protest, but this July 1st rally may be the biggest test of their resolve yet

Hongkongers had a long June fighting the government and Beijing leadership, showing the world the resolve of the people to defend their rights. Hongkongers must now continue to stand in unity and protest until the government responds to the demands.

Hong Kong: Protestors circle justice secretary building

Fresh protests mount pressure on Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam Hundreds of demonstrators surrounded on Thursday the office of Hong Kong’s justice official, demanding local authorities to release arrested protesters and complete withdrawal of controversial extradition bill. More than 200 demonstrators gathered early in the morning at Hong Kong’s Secretary of Justice Teresa Cheng’s … Continue reading Hong Kong: Protestors circle justice secretary building

How China Can Pacify Its Ungovernable City

Progressive Lawyers Group member Antony Dapiran (in his personal capacity) shared his views on how China can pacify Hong Kong: “popular protests will keep recurring until Beijing meets the city’s long-suppressed aspirations for greater democracy”.

Hong Kong Police Face Mounting Criticism Over Use of Force on Protesters

Progressive Lawyers Group’s Billy Li shared his views with Radio Free Asia on the police’s designation of Hong Kong protests as “riot” saying that it is legally meaningless and was used purely for political effect.

PLG spokesperson Wilson Leung speaks to the BBC (Vietnamese section) on the recent protests against the extradition bill.

PLG spokesperson Wilson Leung speaks to the BBC (Vietnamese section) on the recent protests against the extradition bill.



【逃犯條例】法政匯思炮轟港府無良虛偽 促林鄭、鄭若驊下台


法政匯思就暫緩修訂逃犯條例的聲明 (Statement on the Suspension of the Extradition Bill)

香港特別行政區在4月3日提交了修改《逃犯條例》及《刑事事宜相互法律協助條例》的草案。行政長官林鄭月娥在6月15日的記者會上令人意外地突然改變態度,宣布暫緩草案,並未有就恢復立法程序訂下時間表。有見及此,法政匯思就暫緩修訂逃犯條例發出聲明 。(On 3 April, the Hong Kong SAR Government tabled a bill to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Cap. 503) and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance (Cap. 525). In a stunning U-turn, Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced at a press conference on 15 June that the Bill would be suspended, without specifying when the legislative process would resume. In light of this, the Progressive Lawyers Group issued a statement on the suspension of the Extradition Bill.)

Hong Kong Marchers Flood Streets Over Extradition Bill

HONG KONG—Protesters poured into this city’s streets for a second Sunday despite the suspension of a controversial bill to expand the government’s extradition powers, as a week of demonstrations appeared to be spiraling into a broader political movement.

The problem with calling Hong Kong’s protests a riot goes back to a colonial-era law

Under current law, any unlawful assembly can be deemed a riot if anyone taking part in it commits a “breach of the peace.” The Progressive Lawyers Group, which advocates for the rule of law and democracy in Hong Kong, has noted that this “is a very low threshold which is not commensurate with the heavy penalty it imposes.” Similarly, the Hong Kong Universal Periodic Review Coalition, an alliance of local civil society groups that delivers human rights status reports to the UN, has pointed out that prosecutors have wide discretion to define an act as a riot.

Jason Y. Ng Spoke to CBS on Recent Protests Against Extradition Bill

Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor Jason Y. Ng spoke to CBS on the protests against the extradition bill in Hong Kong. He said that a foreigner without doing anything unlawful may be extradited because China may make up evidence.

616大遊行 (616 March)

法政匯思得悉行政長官就逃犯條例的發言。基於下列的理由,我們對她的回應感到憤怒和失望。明天法政匯思會堅持遊行,並懇請所有人參與我們。我們會在下午2時15分於皇室堡對面,維園近銅鑼灣入口的噴水池集合,屆時我們將舉起旗幟以作識別。(The Progressive Lawyers Group has heard the Chief Executive. For the reasons below, we are angry and disappointed at her response. We will continue to march tomorrow and urge you all to join us. We are meeting at 2:15 pm at the Victoria Park Fountain at the Causeway Bay entrance of the park, opposite Windsor House, where you will see our flags flying high.)

Initial foolishness, then repeated stubbornness – why Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam owes us a big apology

The Chief Executive did not apologise for the complete chaos she has created. So many people in Hong Kong and abroad have had to expend such great efforts and time to fight her initial foolishness and then repeated stubbornness. Progressive Lawyers Group’s Alex Ho says in this article that a sincere apology would have been the least she could have offered.

Hongkong : l’exécutif annonce la « suspension » du projet de loi controversé