Coronavirus: Is Hong Kong’s public gathering restriction constitutional?

Duncan Ho, barrister-at-law and a member of the PLG, wrote an article on Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) analysing the constitutionality of the ban against public gatherings in context of the coronavirus crisis.

Why domestic workers are the unsung heroes of Hong Kong’s coronavirus crisis

As the world is gripped by the COVID-19 outbreak, there is an outpouring of gratitude for frontline medical workers who risk their health and safety to treat patients. Overdue credit has also been given to truck drivers and grocery store workers who put in long hours to meet the increased demand for food and daily supplies.

Coronavirus: 1,200 pubs and bars in Hong Kong to close as government orders two-week shutdown

The Hong Kong government has ordered a two-week closure of pubs and bars from Friday, in a drastic escalation of social-distancing rules which will mothball about 1,200 businesses.

Those who break the new emergency measure under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance, which kicks in at 6pm, face the prospect of a HK$50,000 fine (US$6,450) and six months in jail.

【全城禁聚】紅白二事獲豁免 專科醫生憂婚禮群組再現 轟安排「毫無科學根據」


China Defends Expulsion of American Journalists, Accusing U.S. of Prejudice

An official said the expulsions were needed to defend China’s media against American suppression. Chinese state media outlets criticized American newspapers for coverage that they described as biased.

Protest and punishment: How thousands of demonstrators are set to face Hong Kong’s court system

With the onset of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, fewer people are taking to the streets in Hong Kong – but for prosecuted protesters, the work is just getting started. By the end of January 2020, over 7,000 people had been arrested in connection with the protests, about 1,000 charged, and 20 sentenced. Common charges are criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon, assaulting the police, obstructing the police, participating in an unlawful assembly, and participating in a riot.