Police defend student leader’s arrest over laser pointers

The police force insists that the arrest of a university student leader for possession of offensive weapons after he was found carrying laser pointers was justified, but some legal professionals think otherwise.

Organiser vows to push ahead with Yuen Long march after Hong Kong police refuse permission, citing safety concerns

The organiser of a potentially chaotic protest march planned for Saturday in Hong Kong’s northern town of Yuen Long has vowed to push on even though it would be an illegal assembly after police banned the gathering, citing a serious risk of violence. In a rare move, police on Thursday issued a letter of objection to the march, saying it was to ensure public order and safety, and to protect the rights and freedoms of others who would be affected, even as the organiser and scores of defiant citizens promised to go ahead regardless of the legal consequences.

一罪涉《公安例》- 大狀:原針對黑幫




Hong Kong Police Announce First Arrest in Storming of Legislature

The Progressive Lawyers Group appealed to protesters to exercise self-restraint, saying in a statement that their cause “may be undermined by any unwarranted use of force.” But the statement added that “the abuse of power by those in public office does far more damage to the rule of law than disobedience of the law.”

大狀:強闖立會可囚2年 刑毁設施囚10年


Hong Kong Protesters Take Stock as Police Announce More Arrests

HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s protesters tried on Wednesday to maintain a united front and take stock of the movement’s gains and losses, as the police said they had arrested 12 people involved in clashes near the city’s legislature Monday.

UK urges independent probe of June 12 clashes

The British government will cease to issue any export licenses for crowd control equipment to the Hong Kong Police for concerns of human rights violation. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, echoed by many others in Hong Kong, including the Progressive Lawyer Group, Chan Man-mun S.C. and former Chief Secretary Anson Chan, urges for a independent investigation panel to be set up to investigate whether the use of force on June 12 was consistent with guidelines.

譴責圍警總 警列6行為嚴肅跟進 示威者激光射警臉 大樓內豎紙牌槍靶回應


Hong Kong Police Face Mounting Criticism Over Use of Force on Protesters

Progressive Lawyers Group’s Billy Li shared his views with Radio Free Asia on the police’s designation of Hong Kong protests as “riot” saying that it is legally meaningless and was used purely for political effect.

【逃犯條例三部曲放映會】女觀眾憂心爆喊 中三學生:林鄭下台會有更可恥嘅上任?


Hong Kong Police Face Mounting Criticism Over Use of Force on Protesters

But Progressive Lawyers Group convenor Billy Li said the concept of adesignated "riot" is legally meaningless. "Anything can be designated a riot where a group of people gather together and act to disturb public order," Lee said. "If it breaches the peace, even if they don't resort to extreme behavior such as throwing bricks or burning tires, as long as there are clashes, this can constitute a 'riot'."

Hong Kong’s digital battle: tech that helped protesters now used against them

In early June, Ivan Ip, 22, joined a public chat group on Telegram called “Parade 69”, named for a mass demonstration planned in central Hong Kong to protest a bill allowing for the transfer of suspects from the city to China. According to Ip, an administrator of the group of more than 30,000 people, they discussed things like bringing sunscreen, water, and umbrellas to block the sun or rain.

醫管局6.12早上要求急症室記錄「立會外集會」傷者身份 醫護工會:做法極不尋常


Everything you need to know about Hong Kong’s extradition law

Thousands of people amassed around Hong Kong’s government complex on Wednesday (June 12), scaling barriers and blocking a main road in scenes reminiscent of the city’s 2014 pro-democracy protests as lawmakers prepared to debate a controversial overhaul of the city’s extradition law that would make it possible to send suspects to mainland China for trial.

Hong Kong ‘Not Ready To Give Up’: Historic Protest Against Extradition Bill

Hong Kong people took to the streets on Sunday in mass protests to demonstrate against a proposed extradition bill that critics say could force dissidents to stand trial in the mainland — and which ultimately threatens the city’s judicial autonomy.

法政匯思: 法官也「頂唔順」上街反修例


Fearing China’s Rule, Hong Kong Residents Resist Extradition Plan

NG KONG — Politicians have staged sit-ins and exchanged blows in the legislature. Nurses, high school teachers and even anime fans have organized petitions. And the authorities are bracing for protests on Sunday that could be the largest since the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement shut down parts of Hong Kong five years ago.

點解要反送中:一定要知!(Why Extradition Law Should Not be Passed)

點解要反送中:一定要知!法政匯思召集人李安然解釋其中一個原因是修改後大陸可以要求港府扣押港人財產。(This flyer explains why the extradition law amendment should not be passed - featuring Progressive Lawyers Group's Convenor Billy Li.)


法政匯思李召集人李安然大律師連同余若薇資深大律師、吳靄儀大律師和石書銘大律師討論《逃犯條例》修訂當中的問題,其中包括條例對本港法治及司法獨立帶來的嚴重打擊。(In a series of videos, Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor, Billy Ng, together with Audrey Eu SC, Margaret Ng and Randy Shek, discuss the legal implications of the proposed extradition bill and its threat to Hong Kong’s rule of law and judicial independence.)