Know your rights at Hong Kong protests: FAQ with the Progressive Lawyers Group

In the event of a police search or arrest, knowing your rights and doing the smart thing can be the difference between walking free and getting into serious legal trouble.



休班警被斬 警:按衣著信有關反修例


【罷課】聖保羅書院學生築人鏈:與校方開心見誠溝通 林鄭應學習


聖保羅書院舊生集會 校友聲援學生罷課


【罷課罷工】百萬大道擠滿黑衫人 中大學生會指三萬人出席


Two charged with rioting over Yuen Long attacks

Barrister Billy Li On-yin said a number of the white-clad attackers clearly intended to assault people and as such, the incident should be classified as a riot. Li, who is also convenor of Progressive Lawyers Group, said he would not be surprised if the others are not charged until about a month later because quite a lot of the white-clad attackers were wearing face masks at the time, and the prosecution needs time to confirm their identities.

Police defend student leader’s arrest over laser pointers

The police force insists that the arrest of a university student leader for possession of offensive weapons after he was found carrying laser pointers was justified, but some legal professionals think otherwise.

大狀:7‧28「告住先」或為免潛逃 江樂士:必屬「暴動」 料警已展示強力證據


Hong Kong Protesters Take Stock as Police Announce More Arrests

HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s protesters tried on Wednesday to maintain a united front and take stock of the movement’s gains and losses, as the police said they had arrested 12 people involved in clashes near the city’s legislature Monday.

Hong Kong’s digital battle: tech that helped protesters now used against them

In early June, Ivan Ip, 22, joined a public chat group on Telegram called “Parade 69”, named for a mass demonstration planned in central Hong Kong to protest a bill allowing for the transfer of suspects from the city to China. According to Ip, an administrator of the group of more than 30,000 people, they discussed things like bringing sunscreen, water, and umbrellas to block the sun or rain.

Everything you need to know about Hong Kong’s extradition law

Thousands of people amassed around Hong Kong’s government complex on Wednesday (June 12), scaling barriers and blocking a main road in scenes reminiscent of the city’s 2014 pro-democracy protests as lawmakers prepared to debate a controversial overhaul of the city’s extradition law that would make it possible to send suspects to mainland China for trial.

Hong Kong ‘Not Ready To Give Up’: Historic Protest Against Extradition Bill

Hong Kong people took to the streets on Sunday in mass protests to demonstrate against a proposed extradition bill that critics say could force dissidents to stand trial in the mainland — and which ultimately threatens the city’s judicial autonomy.

法政匯思: 法官也「頂唔順」上街反修例


Fearing China’s Rule, Hong Kong Residents Resist Extradition Plan

NG KONG — Politicians have staged sit-ins and exchanged blows in the legislature. Nurses, high school teachers and even anime fans have organized petitions. And the authorities are bracing for protests on Sunday that could be the largest since the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement shut down parts of Hong Kong five years ago.