Statement on Termination of Employment of Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Shiu Ka-chun (法政匯思就開除戴耀廷教席及邵家臻不獲續約之聲明)

We issued a statement on the termination of employment of Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Shiu Ka-chun on 27 July 2020 and 28 July 2020 respectively.

Soothing the anniversary blues, 5 years on: Hong Kong’s Umbrella movement was a lesson in civic engagement

There are dates on the calendar that bring back uncomfortable, distressing or even painful memories—of natural disasters, of gun violence, of bloody government crackdowns. They give us what pop psychologists call “anniversary blues.” Today is one of those days.



Hong Kong government tries to make an example of a small opposition party

A tiny and previously little-known political party with no presence in the legislature would have languished on the fringes of Hong Kong’s political sphere were it not for attempts by the city’s government to crush the group.

Now, the Hong Kong National Party finds itself in the limelight, raised to an unaccustomed level of prominence in a dispute that is fast becoming a test for the city’s autonomy.

Lawfare Waged by the Hong Kong Government Is Crushing the Hopes of Democrats

Law is being used to silence the democracy movement in Hong Kong.

One in three pro-democracy legislators has been prosecuted by the government since the Umbrella Movement of 2014. More than 100 democracy activists and protestors have been prosecuted. The secretary of justice has constantly sought to maximize sentencing, slapping years of jail time on young students and digging up obscure, outdated charges – designed for 19th century Britain, not 21st  century Hong Kong – to increase the time that pro-democracy figures spend in jail.

法政匯思就近來抨擊戴耀廷之聲明 (Statement Regarding Recent Remarks on Benny Tai Yiu-Ting)

法政匯思就香港特區政府、建制派政團及媒體對香港大學法律系副教授戴耀廷(下稱「戴教授」)於2018 年3 月24 日在台灣發表的言論,作出毫無根據的指控深表不安。(The Progressive Lawyers Group is deeply troubled by the groundless accusations levelled against Mr. Benny Tai Yiu-ting, associate law professor at the University of Hong Kong, by the Hong Kong Government, other pro-establishment political groups and media over comments given by Professor Tai at a seminar in Taiwan on 24th March 2018.)




敬愛的Benny, Dr Chan, 朱牧:



「Rosona,禮拜日投票,你覺得我應該投邊個好?」一班同事lunch time食完嘢,Danise突然煞有介事地問。「投票係個人選擇,你鍾意投邊個,咪投邊個囉!」