Reactions to details of Hong Kong’s new national security law

Angeline Chan, Solicitor and Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor: “(Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam) to cherry pick judges is one of most concerning things for us. It’s an act to import political elements into the judiciary system which is supposed to be impartial.”

Open letter from 86 groups: China – scrap national security law to save Hong Kong freedoms

We are writing to express our grave concerns regarding the recent adoption by China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) of a formal decision to directly impose national security legislation on Hong Kong. We urge the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) to reject the legislation.

Protesters In Hong Kong Are Becoming More United In Their Strategy And More Desperate

Day to day, people are thinking about, what can I do to resist encroachment? And what can I do to hopefully, slowly, bit by bit, even if it takes generations, push towards greater democracy?

The Fate of Hong Kong’s Christians

Christians in Hong Kong overwhelmingly support the mass protests that have disrupted the region for the last two months. Millions, including many Christians, have taken to the streets to protest a proposed extradition bill.

Hong Kong’s reputation hit with a double whammy, say Australian expats

Antony Dapiran, an Australian lawyer in Hong Kong, said: "Without doubt Hong Kong’s global business reputation has been impacted by this."

The Express Rail Co-location Case: The Hong Kong Judiciary’s Retreat

PLG member Alvin Cheung writes: "The independence and relevance of Hong Kong’s judiciary may now be in doubt [...] Interventions from Beijing are likely to dictate outcomes to Hong Kong’s courts not only in cases directly involving political rights, but also cases that involve major policy initiatives such as public infrastructure projects."