Hongkongers have reason to protest, but this July 1st rally may be the biggest test of their resolve yet

Hongkongers had a long June fighting the government and Beijing leadership, showing the world the resolve of the people to defend their rights. Hongkongers must now continue to stand in unity and protest until the government responds to the demands.

How China Can Pacify Its Ungovernable City

Progressive Lawyers Group member Antony Dapiran (in his personal capacity) shared his views on how China can pacify Hong Kong: “popular protests will keep recurring until Beijing meets the city’s long-suppressed aspirations for greater democracy”.

Hong Kong Police Face Mounting Criticism Over Use of Force on Protesters

Progressive Lawyers Group’s Billy Li shared his views with Radio Free Asia on the police’s designation of Hong Kong protests as “riot” saying that it is legally meaningless and was used purely for political effect.



Initial foolishness, then repeated stubbornness – why Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam owes us a big apology

The Chief Executive did not apologise for the complete chaos she has created. So many people in Hong Kong and abroad have had to expend such great efforts and time to fight her initial foolishness and then repeated stubbornness. Progressive Lawyers Group’s Alex Ho says in this article that a sincere apology would have been the least she could have offered.

Hong Kong protests: “These protesters see China as a bulldozer”

Hong Kong protests: "These protesters see China as a bulldozer"

Why the Hong Kong Extradition Bill Matters to You

In this video (in English), Progressive Lawyers Group member Vicki Lui explains to you why Hong Kong Government's proposed extradition bill matters to you - whether you are from Hong Kong, an expat residing in Hong Kong or a visitor transitting in Hong Kong

點解要反送中:一定要知!(Why Extradition Law Should Not be Passed)

點解要反送中:一定要知!法政匯思召集人李安然解釋其中一個原因是修改後大陸可以要求港府扣押港人財產。(This flyer explains why the extradition law amendment should not be passed - featuring Progressive Lawyers Group's Convenor Billy Li.)





Dangerous and unnecessary: why Hong Kong’s extradition proposal is a legislative menace

Move over, national anthem law. Make room, anti-subversion bill. Here comes the government’s latest legislative menace: a fundamental policy shift in fugitive transfers between Hong Kong and mainland China. This time, the threat to personal security is bigger, more real, and has the potential to affect a broader range of people than any other government bill we’ve seen in recent years.