Statement on Termination of Employment of Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Shiu Ka-chun (法政匯思就開除戴耀廷教席及邵家臻不獲續約之聲明)

We issued a statement on the termination of employment of Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Shiu Ka-chun on 27 July 2020 and 28 July 2020 respectively.

法政匯思就社會進一步動盪的聲明 (Statement on Further Escalation of Social Unrest)

提供的建議,並以歇斯底里、毫無章法可言的策略回應持續的動盪。(Police conduct has seen, in the words of Amnesty International, ‘another shocking low’ [1] in recent days as the Government ignored constructive feedback by its own experts and hysterically responded to the ongoing unrest without any rational strategy.)