‘Co-parking’ in Tsuen Wan: HK$1,500 for 12 days

With the limited supply and soaring prices of parking spaces in Hong Kong, some owners have adopted the sharing economy model to rent out their parking lots on specific days for a fee. In Tsuen Wan’s industrial area near the Sha Tsui Road and Chai Wan Kok Street, hk01.com has discovered that some parking lot owners have posted advertisements for motorists to “co-park” at their spaces. Duncan Ho Dik-hong, barrister and a member of the Progressive Lawyers Group, said the owner of the space should tell renters of the penalties for parking beyond the time limit and the limitations for co-parking in the lease.

20呎太空艙 呎租貴過山頂豪宅

樓價高企,令「太空艙」冒起,估計全港有逾百個,而且瞄準家住偏遠的上班族,部分月租達4,000元,呎租拍得住山頂豪宅,部分更標榜有「家的感覺」!但太空艙單位或涉各種違法問題,有大律師指,若租客與業主遇到爭拗,租客未必受保障。 本報近日在多個租樓網站發現,至少有10個單位出租太空艙,部分聲稱在不同地區都有經營太空艙,亦有在Airbnb提供日租,估計至少逾百個太空艙床位遍布港九。這些只有一張單人床大小的「居所」,月租由2,000至4,000元不等,呎租平均逾百元。據地產資料顯示,位於山頂白加道2號的豪宅,年初有逾3,000呎的獨立屋以28萬元租出,呎租約91元,太空艙呎租竟比豪宅更貴。