一地兩檢條例草案懶人包 (Info kit on the Co-location Bill)

政府近日於立法會提交《廣深港高鐵(一地兩檢)條例草案》,標誌著「三步走」的最後一步正式展開。法政匯思教你看懂條例草案如何違憲。 (The Government has recently tabled the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (Co-location) Bill in Legco. This is the last step in the "Three-Step Process" of implementing co-location. In this info kit, we set out why we think the Bill is unconstitutional.)

聯合國普遍定期審議 (UN Universal Periodic Review)

香港人權狀況每況愈下,Justice Centre Hong Kong等共45個公民團體(包括法政匯思)向聯合國提交意見書,以引起國際社會關注,促使港府改善香港人權狀況,以保「亞洲國際都會」聲譽。(Civil groups are voicing out their concern with the increasing erosion of fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong. Under the leadership of Justice Centre Hong Kong, 45 (including the Progressive Lawyers Group) have joined hands together in a submission to the United Nations, holding the Hong Kong government accountable to its human rights commitments.)

法政匯思就《廣深港高鐵(一地兩檢)條例草案》的陳述書 (Submission on Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (Co-location) Bill)

我們維持我們的看法——即政府提出的一地兩檢安排,將無可避免地違反基本法。(We maintain our view that the co-location arrangement will inevitably violate the Basic Law.)

法政匯思就近來抨擊戴耀廷之聲明 (Statement Regarding Recent Remarks on Benny Tai Yiu-Ting)

法政匯思就香港特區政府、建制派政團及媒體對香港大學法律系副教授戴耀廷(下稱「戴教授」)於2018 年3 月24 日在台灣發表的言論,作出毫無根據的指控深表不安。(The Progressive Lawyers Group is deeply troubled by the groundless accusations levelled against Mr. Benny Tai Yiu-ting, associate law professor at the University of Hong Kong, by the Hong Kong Government, other pro-establishment political groups and media over comments given by Professor Tai at a seminar in Taiwan on 24th March 2018.)

法政匯思就選舉主任取消被提名人立法會補選資格之聲明 (Statement on the Disqualification of Nominees in the 2018 Legislative Council By-election)

法政匯思對於政府任意妄為地利用選舉規例,並以某些參選人的政治聯繫及政治立場為由取消其資格感到非常擔憂。該決定踐踏了香港永久性居民參與選舉、投票和自由言論的基本權利。我們強烈呼籲政府確保任何有關參選人提名的決定,都能夠切實有效地保障這些基本權利。(PLG is gravely concerned by the capricious use of electoral regulations to disqualify certain candidates on the basis of their political affiliations and political stance. The Decision has trampled on the fundamental rights of Hong Kong permanent residents to stand for election, to vote, and to engage in free speech. We strongly call upon the Government to ensure that any decision regarding the nomination of candidates gives real and effective protection to such fundamental rights.)

法政匯思就人大常委會關於「一地兩檢」決定的聲明 (Statement on the Decision of NPCSC on the “Co-Location” Arrangement)

就全國人民代表大會常務委員會於2017年12月27日通過「一地兩檢」合作安排的決定,法政匯思有以下回應 (The Progressive Lawyers Group (“PLG”) responds as follows in relation to the decision made by the NPCSC on the “Co-Location” Arrangement on 27 December 2017).

法政匯思就有關高速鐵路香港段一地兩檢安排的陳述書 (Submission on Express Rail Link Co-Location Arrangement)

政府最近宣佈其就内地-香港高速鐵路香港段的邊境管制安排及管轄權事宜的方案。簡單而言,政府建議於西九龍站設置邊境及海關管制設施的一地兩檢安排,及内地在西九龍站若干範圍內及所有運作列車上擁有刑事管轄權。法政匯思認為該建議明顯及直接違反《基本法》的多項條款,特別是第17、18、19及22條。就政府方案如何違反《基本法》的詳細分析,詳見中文版完整陳述書。(The Government has recently announced its proposal on the border control arrangements and jurisdictional matters in relation to the Mainland-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (“XRL”). In short, the Government proposes a co-location arrangement of border and customs control facilities at West Kowloon Station and the Mainland to have criminal jurisdiction to be exercised at some areas of West Kowloon Station and on all operating trains. The Progressive Lawyers Group (“PLG”) is of the view that such proposal is in clear and direct contravention of numerous provisions of the Basic Law, in particular, Articles 17, 18, 19 and 22. For the detailed analysis of how the Government's proposal violates the Basic Law, please read further.)

法政匯思就「反新界東北」及「926重奪公民廣場」刑期覆核裁決聲明 (Statement in response to recent Court of Appeal sentencing reviews)

於2017年8月15及17日,上訴庭分別就律政司提出「反新界東北」及「926重奪公民廣場」案件的刑期作出覆核,改判「反新界東北」案的13名被告人8至13 個月監禁及「926重奪公民廣場」案的黃之峰、羅冠聰及周永康三人6至8個月監禁,法政匯思對此裁決深感悲痛。(Upon the Secretary for Justice’s applications, the Court of Appeal this week reviewed the sentences for thirteen participants in the anti-northeast New Territories development protests and three prominent student leaders—Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow—involved in the re-taking of the Civic Square. The Court of Appeal overruled the original sentences in both cases and imposed eight to thirteen months of imprisonment on the thirteen protesters and six to eight months of imprisonment on the three student leaders. The Progressive Lawyers Group ("PLG") is deeply aggrieved by these judgments.)

鉛水風波修例建議 (Law Reform after the “Lead-contamination Water Saga”)


英年早逝的曉波兄 (Liu Xiaobo’s Shortened Yet Noble Life)

中國人權份子、《零八憲章》作者之一、2010諾貝爾和平獎得主、良心犯劉曉波先生剛剛與世長辭,享年61歲。(Mr Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese human rights activist, co-author of Charter 08, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner and prisoner of conscience, has just passed away at the age of 61.)

對於《2017年水務設施(修訂)規例》 之聯合陳述書和擬議修正案 (Waterworks (Amendment) Regulations 2017 – Joint Submissions and Proposed Amendments)

政府因應啟晴邨鉛水風波而提出的《2017年水務設施(修訂)規例》草案,現於立法會進行辯論。法政匯思及前線科技人員就此聯合提交建議修訂草案,就水務監督的酌情權加以限制,並提出其他建議。(In addressing the concern over water safety after the Kai Ching Estate Incident, the Government has proposed Waterworks (Amendment) Regulation 2017 which is under debate in LegCo. Progressive Lawyers Group and Frontline Tech Workers Group have jointly proposed amendments to the Regulation, including restricting the wide discretionary power of Water Authority and other recommendations.)

Response to Zhang Dejiang’s and Rao Geping’s Speeches in Relation to the 20th Anniversary of the Implementation of the Basic Law (法政匯思回應張德江及饒戈平有關基本法實施20周年的講話)

Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the National People’s Congress and Rao Geping, Chinese representative member of the Basic Law Committee have recently and respectively made important speeches in relation to the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the Basic Law. The Progressive Lawyers Group (“PLG”) is deeply disturbed by some of the contents of these speeches, believing that they are in contradiction to the “One Country, Two Systems” framework stipulated by the Basic Law.

《2017 年水務設施(修訂)條例草案》 意見書

法政匯思從食水安全的角度出發,審視發展局於 2017 年 3 月 29 日就《水務設施條例》提出的修訂。在綜觀有關的修訂後,法政匯思認為是次發展局所提出的修訂,實為非常倉促,沒有經過詳細考慮,更沒有從食水安全和市民健康的角度出發。法政匯思對於香港的食水安全問題,仍然感到非常憂心。

法政匯思就近日就法院判決對司法機構的抨擊之聲明 (Statement of the Progressive Lawyers Group in relation to recent attacks on the judiciary following a recent court ruling)

域法院近日就七名警員襲擊佔中示威者的控罪作出判決及判刑之後,該案件的主審法官及整體司法機構均遭受一連串不合理的抨擊。 除了法官被蔑稱為「狗官」之外,亦有惡意批評暗示該案之主審法官及司法機構因政治立場而偏頗判案。

短評:關於青年新政及香港民族黨年宵攤位被取消一事 (Short Commentary in relation to the Termination of the Stalls of Youngspiration and the Hong Kong National Party in the Lunar New Year Fair)

青年新政及香港民族黨於2017 年 1 月17 日及 18日,分別接獲食物環境衛生署(下稱「署方」)書面通知其維多利亞公園年宵攤位的特許協議已被署方單方面終止(下稱「通知」)。如果署方沒有確實的證據,證明於年宵攤位售賣或擺放的貨品/物品,以及進行的活動有可能危及公共秩序及安全;或證明持相反意見者,確實會作出危及公共秩序及安全的行為,署方的決定難免引起公眾質疑,並視之為政治打壓,實屬不智。

法政匯思意見書:強烈譴責人大釋法 為政治目的濫用解釋權 (Submissions in relation to the Interpretation by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on 7 November 2016)

On 7 November 2016, the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress (“NPCSC”), in purported exercise of its powers under Article 158 of the Basic Law, issued an interpretation in relation to Article 104 of the Basic Law (“the Interpretation”).  2. This is the fifth time the NPCSC has interpreted the Basic Law. In summary, and as further explained below, the Progressive Lawyers Group’s submissions on the Interpretation are set out in this statement.

法政匯思就朱凱迪先生遭受威脅的聲明(Statement in relation to Threats against Mr Eddie Chu Hoi Dick)


法政匯思就選舉管理委員會於2016年7月14日發出的聲明 (Statement on the Press Statement by the Electoral Affairs Commission on 14 July 2016)


法政匯思就林榮基先生之聲明 (Statement regarding Mr Lam Wing Kee)

As Hong Kongers, we demand that officials fully account for what happened in relation to the Causeway Bay Bookshop, apologise to the five bookshop members who have been captured and their family and friends for inappropriate treatment against them, and apologise to all Hong Kongers for damaging One Country, Two Systems.

法政匯思短評:關於新民黨對酷刑聲請人的看法 (Short Commentary in relation to the the New People’s Party’s Position on Torture Claimants)