法政匯思就2020年立法會選舉候選人被取消參選資格及延遲選舉之聲明 (PLG’s Statement on the Disqualification of Nominees and the Postponement of the Legislative Council Election of 2020)

The PLG believes that the mass disqualifications and the election postponement run contrary to fundamental rights to vote, to stand for election, and to freedom of speech.

法政匯思就開除戴耀廷教席及邵家臻不獲續約之聲明 (Statement on Termination of Employment of Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Shiu Ka-chun)

We issued a statement on the termination of employment of Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Shiu Ka-chun on 27 July 2020 and 28 July 2020 respectively.


法政匯思毫無保留地反對《國安法》立法。 The Progressive Lawyers Group (“PLG”) unreservedly opposes the enactment of the NSL.

法政匯思毫無保留地反對《國安法》立法 (The Progressive Lawyers Group (“PLG”) unreservedly opposes the enactment of the NSL).

Open letter from 86 groups: China – scrap national security law to save Hong Kong freedoms

We are writing to express our grave concerns regarding the recent adoption by China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) of a formal decision to directly impose national security legislation on Hong Kong. We urge the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) to reject the legislation.

法政匯思與其他公民組織聯署就聯合國制訂問題清單的報告 Joint Submissions of Hong Kong NGOs For Adoption of List of Issues

今年六月,聯合國人權事務委員會開始審議香港履行《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》的情況,法政匯思與其他公民組織聯署就聯合國制訂問題清單(List of Issues)提交報告。內容包括港人言論及集會自由被打壓、《公安條例》對集會自由的過分限制、警察濫捕及使用過分武力、被捕人士遭受不合理對待、中國政府強推港版國安法等。

法政匯思就中央對一國兩制的嚴重威脅 及香港政府針對民主派人士搜捕的聲明 (Statement on Beijing’s Serious Threat to ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and the Hong Kong Government’s Mass Arrest of Pro-democracy Activists)

We issued a statement on recent events including the Liaison Office's statement issued on 17 April and the Hong Kong Government’s mass arrest of pro-democracy activists, which seriously threaten ‘One Country, Two Systems’.

We issued a statement on the remarks made by the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council on 13 April, which patently run afoul of the Basic Law and the “one country, two systems" framework.

We issued a statement on the sentencing of Gui Minhai on 24 February 2020 for “illegally providing intelligence for overseas entities”.

法政匯思就北京回應香港高等法院有關禁蒙面法判決的聲明 (Statement on Beijing’s Reaction to High Court’s Mask Ruling)

香港高等法院於2019年11月18日裁定香港特區政府引用《緊急情況規例條例》(下稱《緊急法》)禁止市民於公眾地方蒙面的規例「不符合基本法」,並強調該於2019年10月5日起生效的規例過分地限制基本權利及自由。(On 18 November 2019, the High Court ruled that the Hong Kong SAR government’s ban on face coverings in public places under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance (the “ERO”) was “incompatible with the Basic Law” and that the new law, which had gone into effect since 5 October, imposed excessive restrictions on fundamental rights and freedoms.)

法政匯思就社會進一步動盪的聲明 (Statement on Further Escalation of Social Unrest)

提供的建議,並以歇斯底里、毫無章法可言的策略回應持續的動盪。(Police conduct has seen, in the words of Amnesty International, ‘another shocking low’ [1] in recent days as the Government ignored constructive feedback by its own experts and hysterically responded to the ongoing unrest without any rational strategy.)

法政匯思就香港政府引用《緊急情況規例條例》之聲明 (Statement on the Hong Kong SAR Government Invoking the Emergency Regulations Ordinance)

法政匯思就香港政府引用《緊急情況規例條例》之聲明 (Statement on the Hong Kong SAR Government Invoking the Emergency Regulations Ordinance)

專業團體強烈譴責警方7.21於上環一帶以過度武力清場之聯合聲明 (Joint Statement by the Professional Organisations to strongly condemn the excessive use of force by the police to disperse protesters on 7.21 in the area of ​​Sheung Wan)

警方使用過度武力,罔顧市民性命安全,並肆意違反專業操守。專業團體對此予以強烈譴責,我們要求政府及警方作出詳細交代。與此同時,我們重申政府應馬上成立獨立調查委員會,以修補社會撕裂,化解危機。並儘快重啟政改,早日落實雙普選,從制度上徹底解決社會問題。(The excessive use of force of the police disregards the safety of the citizens and is a blatant violation of professional conduct. We strongly condemn the police’s actions and demand the government and the police to give detailed accounts of such use of force. Meanwhile, we reiterate that the government should immediately set up an independent investigation committee in order to salvage our fragmented society and resolve the current crisis. Moreover, the government should reinitiate political reforms as soon as possible and implement universal suffrage in the elections of Legislative Council members and the Chief Executive so as to resolve the problems of our society at a systemic level.)

法政匯思就2019年7月21日暴徒於元朗發動襲擊的聲明 (Statement on the 21 July Mob Attacks in Yuen Long)

法政匯思再次要求香港政府全面撤回逃犯條例修訂。即使面對暴徒目無法紀的暴行,我們仍要堅守香港的言論和集會自由。即使離恐懼式管治已經不遠,我們必須捍衛核心價值,絕不妥協。(The PLG continues to call on the Hong Kong Government to fully withdraw the extradition bill. In the face of lawless gang violence, we are more committed than ever to safeguarding Hong Kong’s freedom of expression and right of assembly. We shall never compromise our core values because of the attempt to rule by fear.)



法政匯思就行政長官 7 月 2 日凌晨 4 時記者會的回應 (Statement of the Progressive Lawyers Group in Response to the Media Session held by the Chief Executive at 4 am on 2 July 2019 at the Police Headquarters)

2019 年 7 月 2 日清晨 4 時,行政長官及幾位官員在警察總部舉行記者會,就前一晚闖入立法會大樓示威者所使用的暴力作出譴責。就此,法政匯思發表聲明回應。 (At 4 am on 2 July 2019, the Chief Executive and her colleagues held a media session at the police headquarters. The CE condemned the use of violence by protesters who broke into the Legislative Council building the night before. The PLG issued a statement in response.)

《醫學界、衞生服務界、法律界聯合聲明 務請警員勿阻礙救護工作及 尊重病人私隱》Joint Statement by the Medical, Health Services and Legal sectors : Appealing for the police to avoid hindrance of medical treatment and to respect the privacy of patients




法政匯思就暫緩修訂逃犯條例的聲明 (Statement on the Suspension of the Extradition Bill)

香港特別行政區在4月3日提交了修改《逃犯條例》及《刑事事宜相互法律協助條例》的草案。行政長官林鄭月娥在6月15日的記者會上令人意外地突然改變態度,宣布暫緩草案,並未有就恢復立法程序訂下時間表。有見及此,法政匯思就暫緩修訂逃犯條例發出聲明 。(On 3 April, the Hong Kong SAR Government tabled a bill to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Cap. 503) and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance (Cap. 525). In a stunning U-turn, Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced at a press conference on 15 June that the Bill would be suspended, without specifying when the legislative process would resume. In light of this, the Progressive Lawyers Group issued a statement on the suspension of the Extradition Bill.)

42 個團體聯署悼六四ㅤ「為死者、為未來繼續戰鬥」

今年是八九六四 30 周年,支聯會等 42 個本地民主派團體今日(3 日)發出聯署聲明,指由當年開展的這場民主運動現時到了「反思與再出發的時刻」,並要靠每一個人的努力去守護真相,「為死者、為公義、為未來繼續戰鬥」。