何志平案「中間人」獲撤指控 塞內加爾前外長甩身 代表:續與美方合作

民政事務局前局長何志平涉賄非洲國家政要而在美國被捕一案,同案的塞內加爾前外長、被指為何志平做中間人的加迪奧(Cheikh Gadio),於美國時間上周五(14日)獲控方撤回指控。有美國執業律師估計,控方撤銷指控可能因為證據不足或蒐證程序出錯,亦不排除加迪奧以提供更有力證據頂證何志平作為交換,現階段難判斷事件對何志平的案件有何影響。

Interview with Hong Kong International Business Channel

Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor Craig Choy joined Talk The Walk hosted by Harminder Singh of the Hong Kong International Business Channel this week to discuss a series of legal and political issues. 

Interview with RTHK

Progressive Lawyers Group member Wilson Leung attended RTHK's Backchat together with Philip Dykes (human rights lawyer and Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association), Lawrence Ma (barrister, Executive Council Chairman of the Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation and Carole Peterson (Former Director of the Centre of Comparative and Public Law of the University of Hong Kong) to discuss the recent criticism and personal attacks on judges.  

政府曾與禮頓簽訂沙中線工程附屬契約 可直接追究違約行為




Hong Kong journalists’ club in free speech dispute

A fringe pro-independence party and a historic journalists’ club have been thrust into the forefront of the intensifying battle over free speech and the rule of law in Hong Kong, a semi- autonomous Chinese territory that has long prided itself on its civic freedoms.

Hong Kong government tries to make an example of a small opposition party

A tiny and previously little-known political party with no presence in the legislature would have languished on the fringes of Hong Kong’s political sphere were it not for attempts by the city’s government to crush the group. Now, the Hong Kong National Party finds itself in the limelight, raised to an unaccustomed level of prominence in a dispute that is fast becoming a test for the city’s autonomy.

港鐵涉修獨立公證行沉降調查報告 律師質疑犯詐騙


中介護士多屬自僱 大律師:中介護士倘犯錯,醫管局很大機會亦要負責


吳靄儀:「命運自主」打一場硬仗 不應過分依賴司法覆核

眾新聞和立場新聞聯合主辦「法治危機 — 這條路能怎樣走下去?」座談會,邀請立法會前法律界議員吳靄儀、大律師公會前主席李志喜、「法政匯思」召集人吳宗鑾擔任主講嘉賓。

領展轉售資產契諾難執行 兆麟苑拆售車位小業主不清楚維修責任


【何志平涉貪】 家人無家可歸疑屬大話 擬抵押物業疑非細佬住址

法政匯思成員、美國執業律師Jason Y. Ng 接受本報查詢時表示,若控方知道相關資料,可以向法官陳詞,說明何志平家人根本不會因為被沒收物業而無家可歸;若法官意識到辯方誇大其詞或誤導法庭,保釋申請將會受到不利的影響。

Hong Kong Radical Is Test Case in China’s Bid to Limit Speech

Earlier this month, Hong Kong’s government threatened to ban Chan’s pro-independence National Party, a move unprecedented since the city’s return to Chinese rule in 1997. Andy Chan talked about China's plan to limit speech.

Petition slams ‘abuse’ of freedom of association

More than 60 groups signed a petition criticizing the government's abuse of freedom of association by proposing to ban the Hong Kong National Party. Assistant Societies Officer Rebecca Lam Hiu-tung, who is also assistant police commissioner, had recommended that Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu prohibit the pro-independence party from continuing to operate.

Groups call for demonstration over govt’s planned HKNP ban

Multiple civic groups and student unions expressed strong concerns over the government’s proposed ban on the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party (HKNP), saying the planned clampdown amounts to curbing free speech and other constitutional rights.  A demonstration has been called for Saturday to voice the feelings of various groups that are opposed to the administration’s plans, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Explainer: How Hong Kong is seeking to ban a pro-independence party using existing national security laws

In their recommendation to ban the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party (HKNP) on Tuesday, the legal grounding cited by the police was the Societies Ordinance. They told the government that there was a sufficiently strong case in the interests of “national security, public safety, public order, protection of freedom and rights of others” for the security secretary to ban the embattled group.

【取締民族黨】警指武力非危害國家安全必要元素 法律界轟違國際標準 憂限結社自由


【封殺港獨】遊行集會聲援民族黨未必犯法 惟學者指籌款屬違法


Police monitored pro-independence Hong Kong National Party for 18 months before attempt to ban it

Liberal lawyers’ group voices concern over attempt to shut down party on national security grounds, when it has not resorted to violence

【DQ4】百人立會外集會 轟政府無理禠奪議員資格