Former Bar Association head: Members will unite behind new chair Philip Dykes to face challenges

The Progressive Lawyers Group’s Craig Choy told HKFP that he was very happy about the outcome of the election as he had supported Dykes’ list, and five of the six members won seats. Asked about his expectations towards Dykes, Choy said that he hoped he could continue to be vocal on behalf of the Bar Association: “I’ll be content if he can respond to society’s expectations and the wishes of the public. The upcoming year is especially critical because of the three major issues — the national anthem law, Article 23 [of the Basic Law] and other matters relating to the co-location arrangement.”

【國歌法殺到】中港法制存異 法政匯思憂人大再釋法


【國歌法殺到】民主國家罰則全面睇 大狀:多限制或抵觸國際公約


兌現成立法政匯思承諾 任建峰卸任召集人


Police look into whether Hong Kong justice chief ‘intentionally misled’ bank to secure mortgage

Police are looking into complaints filed against Hong Kong’s beleaguered justice minister, with sources saying one line of inquiry will be whether she “intentionally misled” a bank to secure a mortgage without mentioning an illegal basement at her house.


Thank you FinTV (現代電視) for interviewing our member Chris Ng on proposed co-location arrangement: 「其實我們不是不支持起高鐵,但若真的破壞了《基本法》,會留下影響深遠的法律漏洞,當中關乎香港人日後各種權利的保障,我們要思考這樣的代價是否值得。」