【一地兩檢】研討會將討論七方案 陳帆表明拒出席


中大再現港獨橫額 校方斥違法


Free speech row as CUHK warns against pro-independence banners

Banners calling for Hong Kong independence reappeared in the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on Tuesday, prompting the university authorities to issue a warning. Kevin Yam Kin-fung, founder of the Progressive Lawyers Group, said the flyers and posters had merely discussed the issues and did not insinuate or encourage others to harm the regime. Hence, no law was broken, he argued.


法政匯思召集人蔡騏提醒各位寵物主人及毛城城 MoCity的讀者,在選擇寵物酒店時記緊首先檢查該酒店是否持有有效酒店牌照,然後留意合約的細則及條款,了解合約內有否包含賠償內容,萬一寵物在入住寵物酒店時不幸發生意外,亦有一定保障。

港聞 兩案爭論點不同 終院態度不利4子


Judiciary in the dock: jailing of student activists opens door to debate

As he curled his spindly legs around the metal bars, the sight of the bespectacled teenager with his floppy mop of hair valiantly trying to scale the three-metre-high barrier, along with fellow ­student leader Alex Chow Yong-kang, galvanised others into ­action. Another youth leader, Nathan Law Kwun-chung, then on stage at the demonstration, called on the others to join in the storming of the forecourt that they had dubbed “Civic Square”. They wanted to “reclaim” the space that had been the site of previous protests, they declared.




大律師黃瑞紅今日亦有出席遊行。她說是次判刑,大眾關注的是東北案13人、雙學三子既已完成社會服務令但卻被刑期覆核。對大律師公會前主席石永泰今日說三人是「求仁得仁」,她說,法官不應該用一般犯罪的標準,來審判因爭取公義、人權而被檢控的人士。 至於本港法治是否已死?黃瑞紅說,在法例中仍有空間去捍衛市民的基本人權,未來會繼續進行這方面的工作。

Hong Kong’s government finally managed to put democracy fighter Joshua Wong behind bars

Three years after the 79-day Occupy protests calling for greater democracy in Hong Kong, the young leaders of the movement are going to jail. Joshua Wong, 20, Nathan Law, 24, and Alex Chow, 26, were sentenced to six months, eight months, and seven months, respectively, by a court in Hong Kong today (Aug. 17) for their actions in the 2014 protests, also known as the Umbrella Movement. Wilson Leung, a practicing lawyer in Hong Kong and member of the Progressive Lawyers Group, said that he still believes judges in Hong Kong are independent of the government. “However, we strongly disagree with the government treating political problems as ‘law and order’ problems and focusing on the prosecution of protestors,” he said.

Political Prisoners in Hong Kong

On August 17, a Hong Kong appeals court sentenced student democracy activists Joshua Wong, Alex Chow, and Nathan Law to six to eight months imprisonment. The three had earlier been convicted of crimes related to unlawful assembly during a demonstration in 2014 when they had crossed a police barrier, but the lower court had sentenced them only to community service and a suspended jail sentence, arguing that their breach had been a form of political expression. But even in Hong Kong, a city which has enjoyed political freedoms absent elsewhere in China, it was the preservation of “public order” the court chose to emphasize. “To disrupt public order and public peace in the name of free exercise of powers,” said court Vice President Wally Yeung Chun-kuen, “will cause our society to descend into chaos.” The new sentence, which the three plan to appeal, also carries a five-year prohibition on running for elected office in Hong Kong. Progressive Lawyers Group member Alvin Y.H. Cheung was interviewed by ChinaFile about the jailed activists.

Hong Kong democracy campaigners jailed over anti-China protests

Hong Kong’s democracy movement has suffered the latest setback in what has been a punishing year after three of its most influential young leaders were jailed for their roles in a protest at the start of a 79-day anti-government occupation known as the umbrella movement. “It smacks of political imprisonment, plain and simple,” said Jason Ng, a member of the Progressive Lawyers Group and the author of Umbrellas in Bloom, a book about Hong Kong’s youth protest movement.

Hong Kong student leaders jailed over pro-democracy protest tied to Umbrella Movement

Nearly three years ago, several Hong Kong youth with hopes of greater democracy led a downtown protest that ballooned into thousands and lasted for 79 days. Now, they’re going to jail. “It felt like a punch in the stomach,” said Jason Y. Ng, a lawyer, a member of the Progressive Lawyers Group and personal friend of Wong’s, who has written a book about the Umbrella Movement.



Third concern group set up on Hong Kong’s controversial border plan for China rail line; coalition insists it is legal

It is the third concern group to be set up on the issue as both sides of Hong Kong’s political divide mobilise campaigns for and against the proposal for joint immigration and customs checks in the city. Kevin Yam Kin-fung, convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group, said the Hong Kong government’s decision to use Article 20 of the Basic Law to lease land to mainland authorities could set a dangerous precedent.

20呎太空艙 呎租貴過山頂豪宅

樓價高企,令「太空艙」冒起,估計全港有逾百個,而且瞄準家住偏遠的上班族,部分月租達4,000元,呎租拍得住山頂豪宅,部分更標榜有「家的感覺」!但太空艙單位或涉各種違法問題,有大律師指,若租客與業主遇到爭拗,租客未必受保障。 本報近日在多個租樓網站發現,至少有10個單位出租太空艙,部分聲稱在不同地區都有經營太空艙,亦有在Airbnb提供日租,估計至少逾百個太空艙床位遍布港九。這些只有一張單人床大小的「居所」,月租由2,000至4,000元不等,呎租平均逾百元。據地產資料顯示,位於山頂白加道2號的豪宅,年初有逾3,000呎的獨立屋以28萬元租出,呎租約91元,太空艙呎租竟比豪宅更貴。

民主派成立一地兩檢關注組 批政府方案誤導公眾要求撤回


【異鄉人眼中的香港歷史2】脫下律師袍 寫下香港抗爭史

原為律師的Antony Dapiran在1994年由澳洲來港,他對香港歷史的興趣由抗爭而起,在雨傘運動期間撰寫報道,後追溯香港的抗爭歷史,寫下《City of Protest: A Recent History of Dissent in Hong Kong》。他最後選擇脫下律師袍,從文學角度繼續書寫。

【一地兩檢】打到斷骨無刑責 強國法律夠驚嚇!


《新聞透視》 一地兩檢


Critics: Hong Kong Sets Bad Precedent With Mainland Police in Rail Station

Kevin Yam of the Progressive Lawyers Group said the city government would potentially create an act of state, which Hong Kong courts are unable to scrutinize. “What they are doing is not to uphold the constitutionality of that [co-location] proposal, but really to try to shield it from the constitutional scrutiny,” Yam said, adding that the enforcement of mainland laws even in a small part of Hong Kong is in direct contravention of explicit requirements under the Basic Law.