Facebook sees 212% increase in Hong Kong gov’t user information requests

Hong Kong government departments have submitted more user information requests to social media networks over the past three years, though there is a general decrease in the number of overall information requests, a report has showed.

Hong Kong Lawyers Protest Beijing’s Overreach

The Progressive Lawyers Group says the ruling has gone well beyond an interpretation of the Basic Law as it effectively prescribes matters within the remit of Hong Kong domestic law, which is a power not accorded to Beijing under the existing Basic Law framework of Hong Kong.

This week, Beijing is putting Hong Kong’s judicial independence on the line

(Quartz) As the Hong Kong government takes to the courts to challenge the right of two pro-independence politicians to swear in as lawmakers in the city’s legislature, many are looking to the judiciary as the last line of defense against Beijing’s growing encroachment on Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Hong Kong does not have separation of powers, only judicial independence, says pro-Beijing heavyweight

Pro-Beijing heavyweight Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai has said that Hong Kong does not have separation of powers as it is not written in the territory’s mini-constitution. Lawyer Alan Wong of the Progressive Lawyers Group slammed Fan for “completely misinterpreting” Hong Kong’s mini-constitution.



Hong Kong’s latest strong-arm tactics are fueling a growing independence movement

Long-established democratic-leaning professionals in Hong Kong said it was a targeted move. “It’s pretty obvious that this is directed against the pro-independence or localist candidates, on the basis that these articles are ones that these candidates are likely to disagree with,” said Wilson Leung, a lawyer and convenor of the pro-democracy Progressive Lawyers Group.

No legal ground to bar candidates: lawyers’ group

Linda Wong of Progressive Lawyers Group told RTHK that the government's move was excessive as the original forms candidates have to submit already include provisions stating the support of the Basic Law.

Woman guilty of assaulting Hong Kong police officer ‘with her breasts’ appeals

Four anti-parallel protesters found guilty of police assault and obstruction – including a woman was said to have attacked a police officer with her breasts – appeared before the High Court on Wednesday morning to appeal the conviction and sentence. One of the defendants has asked to submit a new video clip to the court.

Customs officer facing assault charge uploads photos, videos taken inside courthouse to Facebook

A customs officer has uploaded photo and videos taken inside the Eastern Law Courts Building to his public Facebook profile, in a possible breach of laws. Paul Fong Fu-pong appears to have taken two of the photographs – one a “selfie” and another of a barrister – inside the courtroom. He has not removed them despite warnings from friends that he may get in trouble for them.