Petition slams ‘abuse’ of freedom of association

More than 60 groups signed a petition criticizing the government's abuse of freedom of association by proposing to ban the Hong Kong National Party. Assistant Societies Officer Rebecca Lam Hiu-tung, who is also assistant police commissioner, had recommended that Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu prohibit the pro-independence party from continuing to operate.

Groups call for demonstration over govt’s planned HKNP ban

Multiple civic groups and student unions expressed strong concerns over the government’s proposed ban on the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party (HKNP), saying the planned clampdown amounts to curbing free speech and other constitutional rights.  A demonstration has been called for Saturday to voice the feelings of various groups that are opposed to the administration’s plans, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Explainer: How Hong Kong is seeking to ban a pro-independence party using existing national security laws

In their recommendation to ban the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party (HKNP) on Tuesday, the legal grounding cited by the police was the Societies Ordinance. They told the government that there was a sufficiently strong case in the interests of “national security, public safety, public order, protection of freedom and rights of others” for the security secretary to ban the embattled group.

【取締民族黨】警指武力非危害國家安全必要元素 法律界轟違國際標準 憂限結社自由


【封殺港獨】遊行集會聲援民族黨未必犯法 惟學者指籌款屬違法


Police monitored pro-independence Hong Kong National Party for 18 months before attempt to ban it

Liberal lawyers’ group voices concern over attempt to shut down party on national security grounds, when it has not resorted to violence

【DQ4】百人立會外集會 轟政府無理禠奪議員資格


約400市民默哀悼念劉曉波 指劉霞思想仍受限制


A year on, artists and activists remember Nobel winner Liu Xiaobo and pay tribute to widow Liu Xia

Artists, activists and politicians have paid tribute to China’s late Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, a year after his death from liver cancer in Chinese custody. The Chinese poet was jailed for 11 years for inciting “subversion of state power” after he penned Charter ’08 – a manifesto urging democratic reform. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, but became the first laureate to die in custody since 1938. His widow Liu Xia was kept under de facto house arrest for years, before being allowed to board a plane to Germany on Tuesday.

Hong Kong lawyers and activists hold silent protest 3 years into China’s crackdown on human rights lawyers

A group of lawyers and activists including the Progressive Lawyers Group held a silent protest on Monday outside Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal, marking the third anniversary of the Chinese government’s large-scale crackdown on human rights lawyers.

Hong Kong lawyers and activists hold silent protest 3 years into China’s crackdown on human rights lawyers

A group of lawyers and activists held a silent protest on Monday outside Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal, marking the third anniversary of the Chinese government’s large-scale crackdown on human rights lawyers. The China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG) and a group of lawyers stood for seven minutes and nine seconds, representing the date: July 9, 2015. CHRLCG chairperson and former lawmaker Albert Ho said the move was to support the “imprisoned, detained, tortured” lawyers and to protest the Chinese government’s continued suppression.

「709」事件三週年 團體終院外默站 促北京釋放內地維權律師

中國維權律師關注組今日傍晚(9日)連同法律界人士,於終審法院門外默站7分09秒,以表達毋忘3年前的7月9日,大批內地維權律師遭拘捕事件。 關注組主席何俊仁要求內地,立即釋放被捕律師及人士,並停止所有秋後算賬的行為,他強調「律師的天職是法律制度之下,爭取每個人都應有的權利,伸張法律公義。」

「709」事件三週年 團體終院外默站 促北京釋放內地維權律師

中國維權律師關注組今日傍晚(9日)連同法律界人士,於終審法院門外默站7分09秒,以表達毋忘3年前的7月9日,大批內地維權律師遭拘捕事件。 關注組主席何俊仁要求內地,立即釋放被捕律師及人士,並停止所有秋後算賬的行為,他強調「律師的天職是法律制度之下,爭取每個人都應有的權利,伸張法律公義。」

Homeowners overcharged for estate maintenance as obscure Link Reit deal with Hong Kong gov’t revealed

Homeowners in some subsidised housing estates could have paid millions of dollars more in maintenance fees than is required under a little known agreement between the government and management firm Link Reit.

領展須分擔23居屋公用地方維修費 僅3屋苑知情 房委會無執行契諾累業主損失


How same-sex spousal visa ruling will affect other cases in Hong Kong including gay civil servant Angus Leung’s appeal

A landmark ruling by Hong Kong’s top court allowing a lesbian expatriate couple to obtain a dependant visa may not help a gay civil servant who is appealing a decision to deny his partner spousal welfare, legal experts said on Thursday. Despite siding with the LGBT community, the Court of Final Appeal’s judgment on Wednesday did not address the city’s traditional definition of marriage, the experts said.

【QT案】港法院首承認外地同志結合 組織籲不應「佛系」處理同志政策


“Für die Demokratie kämpfen”

Craig Choy of Progressive Lawyers Group told Tagesschau (a German television news service) that rule of law in Hong Kong is still fairly satisfactory but we are facing threats from all front, from the pro-government establishment to Chinese government. That is why we must defend the rule of law.

As anti-gay sentiment in Hong Kong grows, LGBTQ children’s books are disappearing from shelves

Progressive Lawyers Group member Geoffrey Yeung shared his views with Vox on the recent events in Hong Kong which pushed back on #LGBTQ rights including the Hong Kong government’s decision to remove LGBTQ-themed children’s books from public libraries and the Hong Kong’s high court’s decision to overturn a landmark ruling that gave health benefits to the husband of a male civil servant.

A lengthy jail term sends a message to Hong Kong’s rebellious youth

Hong Kong’s judiciary remains widely admired for its independence. But the numbers of worriers are growing. “The discretion of prosecutions is ultimately held by a political appointee. There is no insulation from that political process,” says Alvin Cheung of New York University [who is also a member of the Progressive Lawyers Group].