【抗議政治綁架 捍衛一國兩制 要求立即釋放銅鑼灣書店5人】遊行

容許我們跨陣營,引用張明敏的一句歌詞:「忍無可忍的時候,我會挺身而出!」 大家忍夠未?今天下午,政總見!

Monthly Members Meeting with David Webb

We are honoured to have David Webb (activist / investor) as our monthly general meeting guest this month. He shared with us about his views on the Emergency Regulations Ordinance and the current social situation in Hong Kong.

Esmond Wong on Rights of a Detained Person

Progressive Lawyers Group member Esmond Wong explained the rights of a detained person to the public.





928 雨傘運動五周年特別版單張


【李八方online】7.1遊行大召集 法政匯思推香港背包 公民黨出頑強tee撐港人


年度七一遊行 (Annual July 1 March)

主題: 撤回惡法 林鄭下台 日期: 2019年7月1日 集合時間:下午2時30分 遊行路線:銅鑼灣維園至金鐘政府總部

記得登記做選民 (Calling for Voter Registration)

大家記得登記及提醒身邊家人朋友做選民啊!包括法政匯思在內的多個專業團體上週末和18種香港 crossover 於九龍塘舉辦了選民登記街站。選民登記截止日期為7月2日。(A reminder to all Hong Kong citizens to register as voter for the upcoming district and legislature elections. Professional groups including the Progressive Lawyers Group hosted a street stand in Kowloon Tong over the weekend (22 June) to promote voter registration. The registration period ends on 2 July.)



616大遊行 (616 March)

法政匯思得悉行政長官就逃犯條例的發言。基於下列的理由,我們對她的回應感到憤怒和失望。明天法政匯思會堅持遊行,並懇請所有人參與我們。我們會在下午2時15分於皇室堡對面,維園近銅鑼灣入口的噴水池集合,屆時我們將舉起旗幟以作識別。(The Progressive Lawyers Group has heard the Chief Executive. For the reasons below, we are angry and disappointed at her response. We will continue to march tomorrow and urge you all to join us. We are meeting at 2:15 pm at the Victoria Park Fountain at the Causeway Bay entrance of the park, opposite Windsor House, where you will see our flags flying high.)

To the International Community: Please Help Us Help Hong Kong!

To the international community in Hong Kong and around the world, we need you urgently! A proposed extradition arrangement with mainland China is threatening Hong Kong people’s personal safety and free expression. It is the latest battle in the fight against the quickening erosion of the city’s civil liberties. The situation is dire and this video tells how you can make a difference by writing your governments, embassies and consulates using the templates below.

法政匯思出席芝加哥反送中集會 (Progressive Lawyers Group at Chicago Anti-extradition Rally)

法政匯思前召集人蔡騏於芝加哥參與反送中集會。(Progressive Lawyers Group's Ex-convenor Craig Choy attended an anti-extradition rally in Chicago in support of the protests in Hong Kong).

In Pictures: Thousands of Hong Kong lawyers stage rare, silent ‘black march’ over controversial extradition bill

Hong Kong’s legal sector staged a rare protest against the city’s controversial extradition bill on Thursday. Clad in back, several thousand lawyers gathered at Central’s Court of Final Appeal before marching in silence to government headquarters in Admiralty.

They observed a three-minute moment of silence at the end-point of the rally. Legal sector lawmaker Dennis Kwok said the protest – the legal sector’s fifth demonstration since the 1997 Handover – was the largest one yet. He said he estimated that 2,500 to 3,000 lawyers participated.

黑衣遊行 Silent march

法政匯思懇切呼籲各法律界人士及法律系學生參加本週四晚上舉行的黑衣遊行。 這次遊行是自1997年移交以來的第五次,希望表達我們對政府引渡修訂條例,將會對法治和司法獨立構成嚴重威脅的深切關注。



為無聲者發聲 Speak up for those who have no voice


Panel discussion: Fighting the good fight in defence of Hong Kong’s rule of law

Our members Craig Choy and Senia Ng, and academic Benson Wong attended a lively panel discussion at HKU on Tuesday to discuss what civil society and academia can do to slow down or reverse the regressing rule of law in Hong Kong. Convenor Jason Ng moderated the discussion.

【移交逃犯】8專業團體都遊行 法政匯思斥修例褫奪立會監管權