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In Pictures: Thousands of Hong Kong lawyers stage rare, silent ‘black march’ over controversial extradition bill

Hong Kong’s legal sector staged a rare protest against the city’s controversial extradition bill on Thursday. Clad in back, several thousand lawyers gathered at Central’s Court of Final Appeal before marching in silence to government headquarters in Admiralty. They observed a three-minute moment of silence at the end-point of the rally. Legal sector lawmaker Dennis Kwok said the protest – the legal sector’s fifth demonstration since the 1997 Handover – was the largest one yet. He said he estimated that 2,500 to 3,000 lawyers participated.

黑衣遊行 Silent march

法政匯思懇切呼籲各法律界人士及法律系學生參加本週四晚上舉行的黑衣遊行。 這次遊行是自1997年移交以來的第五次,希望表達我們對政府引渡修訂條例,將會對法治和司法獨立構成嚴重威脅的深切關注。



為無聲者發聲 Speak up for those who have no voice


Panel discussion: Fighting the good fight in defence of Hong Kong’s rule of law

Our members Craig Choy and Senia Ng, and academic Benson Wong attended a lively panel discussion at HKU on Tuesday to discuss what civil society and academia can do to slow down or reverse the regressing rule of law in Hong Kong. Convenor Jason Ng moderated the discussion.

【移交逃犯】8專業團體都遊行 法政匯思斥修例褫奪立會監管權


Jason Y. Ng Attended RTHK Interview on Extradition Laws

Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor Jason Y. Ng attended radio programme Backchat today to discuss, among other things, the Government’s plan to amend the extradition laws which will allow Hong Kong to hand over fugitives to mainland China.

Lawmakers and NGOs call for longer consultation on archives law and access to information regime

A coalition of lawmakers, activists and civil society groups have said that the ongoing consultation for two reform proposals – an archives law, and an access to information law – should be extended for another two months.

Public consultation on the two proposals began last December and was intended to last three months. However, the arrangement was criticised on Wednesday by lawmakers Charles Mok and Tanya Chan, along with the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA), the Archives Action Group (AAG) and the Progressive Lawyers Group.

吳敏兒嘉賓分享 (Sharing by Ms Carol Ng)

法政匯思很榮幸邀請到 職工盟(HKCTU) 主席 吳敏兒 Carol Ng(Carol)小姐擔任一月月會的嘉賓,與成員分享她參與本地工運的心路歷程 (We were honored to have 吳敏兒 Carol Ng, chairperson of 職工盟(HKCTU), join us for our January monthly general meeting)。

【我城我書 One City One Book Hong Kong】

The Progressive Lawyers Group is honoured to be invited to attend the opening event of One City One Book Hong Kong and talk about this year’s chosen book, “The Arrival” by Australian Chinese graphic novelist Shaun Tan.

元旦遊行 (New Year Protest 2019)

我們正參與元旦遊行,並呼籲司長維護律政司一貫政策,就涉及高官的案件,尋求獨立法律意見,免除公眾「官官相護」的質疑 (The Progressive Lawyers Group has joined the New Year protest. We call on the Secretary for Justice to respect and follow established policies of the Department of Justice and seek independent legal advice on its decision to press charges against former senior government officials in order to remove any suspicion of conflicts of interest).

知識產權法律及法治交流 (Sharing on Intellectual Property Law)

法政匯思的蘇俊文大律師、呂浠瑜大律師及鄒學林大律師獲邀到香港專業教育學院IVE(李惠利),於2018年10月15日講授知識產權法律及法治議題,與修讀設計的學生交流。(On 15 October 2018, Progressive Lawyers Group members and barristers Johnny So, Vickie Lui and Sam Chow were invited by the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education to share with its students knowledge and insights on intellectual property law).

黃耀明嘉賓分享 (Sharing by Anthony Wong Yiu-ming)


【為迎戰未來裝備】吳靄儀《拱心石下 — 從政十八年》座談會系列(三之一)

題目:法治危機 ─ 這條路能怎樣走下去?
臨立會、居港權、人大釋法、黑衣遊行、反對 23 條立法 ─ 連場硬仗深入民心 ; 今天威權匕現 : 一地兩檢、褫奪參選權、禁制民族黨 ─ 以前的路還行得通嗎?法律界仍能發揮作用嗎?

709事件默站抗議 (Protest against 709 Crackdown)

昨天為709大抓捕的三周年。然而,內地對維權律師的打壓仍未遏止 (Yesterday marked the 3rd anniversary of the 709 Crackdown carried out in the PRC against human rights lawyers. Even so, the widespread oppression of human rights lawyers continues).

七一遊行﹕衷心感謝 (July 1 March: Full of Gratitute)

法政匯思由衷地感謝今年七一仍然無懼烈日和風雨出來遊行的每位香港市民 (Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who braved the sunshine and the rain to march on 1 July).

地厚天高 (Lost In the Fumes)

上月底,法政匯思有幸能邀得電影《地厚天高》的導演林子穎小姐及監製崔允信先生到我們的每月聚會作嘉賓,與一眾會員分享電影的創作背景,並探討香港獨立電影的定位和出路。(We were honoured to have Miss Nora Lam, Director of Lost in Fumes, and Mr Vincent Chui, Executive Producer of the movie, join us at our monthly meeting in June. They shared with us the background of the movie and the future of Hong Kong's independent movie industry.)

七一遊行 (Annual Pro-democracy July 1 March)


本週日我們的成員將再次參與遊行和在灣仔軒尼詩道344號昌業大廈對出位置(近天樂里)擺設街站。(The Progressive Lawyers Group has taken an active part in each of the 3 annual July 1 marches organised by the Civil Human Rights Front since it was established in 2015.

It will again do so this Sunday. Our members will be marching in force and setting up a street stall near Cheong Ip Building, 344 Hennessy Road, Wanchai (near Tin Lok Lane).)