【抗議政治綁架 捍衛一國兩制 要求立即釋放銅鑼灣書店5人】遊行

容許我們跨陣營,引用張明敏的一句歌詞:「忍無可忍的時候,我會挺身而出!」 大家忍夠未?今天下午,政總見!

Joshua Wong faces prison again as ‘slow drip’ of prosecutions takes its toll

Joshua Wong is getting used to being in court. A month ago, Hong Kong's most high-profile pro-democracy activist was joking with his co-defendants and waving at family as the Court of Final Appeal granted him leave to challenge a six month jail sentence he received in August. On Thursday he was one of 16 in the dock, facing another, separate jail term. That case was adjourned to a later date several hours into proceedings as judges needed more time to review a mountain of evidence provided in support of light sentences for the young defendants.

黃啟暘、鄭焯謙及何旳匡談法治及權力分立 (Talk on separation of powers and rule of law)

近日我們的成員黃啟暘、鄭焯謙及何旳匡到香港兆基創意書院與數班該校的中四學生分享法治及權力分立的概念。 法政匯思非常樂意與學術機構進行法律問題的探討,並期待未來更多合作。

Darcy Davison-Roberts interviewed in The Helper Documentary

Darcy Davison-Roberts, Progressive Lawyers Group member, human rights lawyer and advocate of foreign domestic workers' rights, was interviewed in The Helper Documentary. For those who have not seen it, the documentary is an honest and heartfelt portrait of foreign domestic workers leading challenging lives in Hong Kong. The documentary highlights the complicated and often sacrificial choice these women make by coming to Hong Kong to work for our families. The documentary’s aim is to highlight these incredible women and foster appreciation and empathy towards them.

Any law requiring Hongkongers to stand for national anthem would be ‘unrealistic’ and ‘impractical’ – legal experts

Legal experts have said that the requirement to stand when the national anthem is played is unrealistic and impractical, after China’s top legislature passed a decision to insert the new national anthem law into the Annex III of the Basic Law.

版權法律改革及網絡自由 (Internet freedom and copyright reform in HK)


吳宗鑾為市民解釋一地兩檢 (Public forum on High-speed Rail Co-location proposal)


928三週年 (Third Anniversary of 9.28)

今日,法政匯思聯同各專業團體延續傘運精神,重返金鐘連儂牆,向同路人派發單張,並為守護公義基金籌款。在各同路人的鼎力支持下,我們今日共籌得港幣 $19,641元正。所得款項將全數捐助守護公義基金,支持DQ4 議員。

Activists to ‘reenact’ tear gas scene at Hong Kong gov’t HQ to mark 3 years since the pro-democracy Occupy protests

Civic groups are to host a rally outside the government headquarters in Admiralty on Thursday to commemorate the third anniversary of the pro-democracy Occupy protests. They will stand still for three minutes at 5:58pm – the exact time tear gas canisters were shot at protesters. Sound effects and steam will be used to reenact the scene. The event will be organised by Citizen Charter 617, and led by retired teacher and activist James Hon. The group have obtained a letter of no objection from the police and expect 500 people to attend.

「共同體」-924政治犯聲援音樂會 (“Be Together” – Concert of Solidarity with Political Prisoners)


法律論壇「法治的進與退」(Legal forum “Progressive or Regressive? Evaluation on the Legal Development in Hong Kong”)

法政匯思成員吳宗鑾與吳思諾明日(2017年9月22日)將會出席Law Association, HKUSU舉辦的法律論壇。論壇議題為「法治的進與退」。請大家踴躍出席! Progressive Lawyers Group members Chris Ng and Senia Ng will be speaking at a legal forum tomorrow (22 September 2017) organised by Law Association, HKUSU. The topic of the forum is “Progressive or Regressive? Evaluation on the Legal Development in Hong Kong”. Hope to see you there!

Hong Kong’s media must show more sensitivity when reporting on domestic violence

A murder-suicide case shocked Hong Kong last week. Last Monday, a man allegedly killed his wife at a luxury apartment building in Yau Ma Tei before taking his own life. The police said the husband had moved out of their home on Friday after the wife discovered he had been cheating and demanded a divorce.

Beijing gnaws at rule of law in Hong Kong

The decision by Hong Kong’s Court of Appeal to drastically and retroactively increase the sentences of activists Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law has prompted widespread international concern. Unsurprisingly, suggestions in international op-ed pages that Hong Kong had created its first political prisoners have prompted a strident public backlash. Commentators ranging from Hong Kong officials and committed Beijing apologists to retired judges and senior members of the legal profession have dismissed suggestions that Hong Kong’s judicial independence has been undermined. Yet the focus of public commentary on the role of the judiciary should not obscure three lingering questions about the future of rule of law in Hong Kong.

「政治打壓可恥,聲援在囚抗爭者」遊行 (March to support jailed democracy activists)

法政匯思在灣仔修頓球場準備出發「政治打壓可恥 聲援在囚抗爭者」遊行。遊行隊伍將會由灣仔修頓球場出發,遊行至終審法院。請市民到場支持! Progressive Lawyers Group attending today's march in support of imprisoned New Territories development and Umbrella Movement protestors. We will march from Southorn Playground to the Court of Final Appeal. It is not too late to join!

Pro-Beijing lawyer Junius Ho will not be prosecuted for taking ‘selfie’ inside courthouse

Pro-Beijing lawyer and lawmaker Junius Ho will not be prosecuted for taking a “selfie” inside the courthouse and then posting it on social media, police confirmed on Tuesday. Ho, a practicing solicitor and former chair of the Law Society, was embroiled in a controversy last April after posting a photo of himself in front of Court No.28 of the High Court.

‘Reclaim our dignity’: Hong Kong police unions seek to criminalise insulting officers

Four major police unions are demanding a new law to criminalise behaviour insulting police officers, in light of the recent imprisonment of seven officers who assaulted activist Ken Tsang during the 2014 pro-democracy Occupy protests. It is not the first time the suggestion has been made: police supporters and pro-establishment figures pushed for the idea during the Occupy demonstrations.

Wilson Leung spoke at China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group press conference

Wilson Leung, the newly elected International Liaison Officer of the Progressive Lawyers Group, spoke at a press conference given by China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group for the Day of the Endangered Lawyer. Wilson explained why Hong Kong lawyers should care about human rights lawyers in China: not only there is a moral duty to support our colleagues who protect the rule of law, it is also about preserving our own livelihood - the weaker the rule of law, the less the need for lawyers.


我曾經光顧過銅鑼灣書店,唔知嗰啲算唔算係禁書。書店五人相繼「被」失蹤,我太太從此無晒安全感,一日五個追魂call。 我經常loop河國榮嘅「亞視永恆」,以為亞記真係永恆,執笠嘅係我。點知愚人節當晚,我十年來第一次轉台睇亞記,佢竟然連「魚樂無窮」都冇,踏正11點59分「噗」一聲,畫面突然變藍,59年歴史就咁玩完。

聖誕節與露宿者(執業律師 任建峰) – 任建峰

每年天主教聖誕子夜彌撒恭讀的《聖經》章節都是一模一樣的。不過,每年重讀都總會有新的反思,今年也不例外。 《聖經》記載,耶穌出生時,在他出生附近的地方,「有些牧羊人露宿守夜,看守羊群。」沒錯,在被稱為「君王」出生的四周,是在荒野而不受到關注的露宿人士。這群人士正在守護羊群,而羊群在猶太人宗教傳統內是溫馴、善良象徵。