We need to get this off our chests: Hong Kong’s breast assault case

Although the “statement of findings” has not yet been published, and the case is currently under appeal, the court’s decision seems vexing to say the least. It is obviously improbable that anyone who intends to assault another person would choose to do so with her breasts. On the contrary, in most criminal cases involving physical contact between a hand and a breast, it is the person who touches the breast that is convicted of indecent assault.

July 1: A day to celebrate?

"So on July 1, no matter what “cause” is at the top of each person’s priority list, Hong Kongers will continue to march, and in doing so, celebrate the birth of the Hong Kong SAR and the continued forging of a stronger identity. Let us march on with confidence and pride that the birth of the Hong Kong SAR gave us the chance to take responsibility for own future."



演唱歌曲含粗言穢語 不代表違《公安條例》

我們留意到有不少團體和個別人士排山倒海地譴責有關樂隊和舉辦該音樂會的嶺南大學學生會。就此等「批鬥式」的評論,法政匯思深感憂慮。即使某些歌曲或文章可能含有粗言穢語,亦不代表創作、發佈、或表演該等歌曲或文章的人士干犯了《公安條例》第17B條。在此我們促請各界人士尊重受到《基本法》保障的香港文化創意產業和學術言論自由。 We note that there has been an overwhelming condemnation by a number of groups and individuals against the band in question as well as against Lingnan University Students’ Union which organised the concert. We are deeply concerned by these “Cultural Revolution-style” criticisms. Even if certain songs or written articles contained foul language or “curse words”, it does not necessarily mean that the persons who created, published or performed such songs or articles would thereby have breached Section 17B of the Public Order Ordinance, Cap. 245. We hereby urge all members of the public to respect Hong Kong’s cultural and creative industry, as well as citizens’ academic freedom and freedom of expression as enshrined and protected under the Basic Law.


法政匯思促請有關各方立即停止對司法機構作出那些攻擊。我們 更促請律政司司長履行普通法傳統及慣例下肩負司法機構最終捍衛者的 任務,作出鏗鏘有力的發聲,阻止那些粗暴、可鄙、針對司法機構的攻 擊。作為法律界人士,這是我們對律政司司長的基本期望。 The Progressive Lawyers Group therefore on these recent attacks on the judiciary to cease immediately. We further call on the Secretary for Justice, who under common law tradition and convention is tasked with being the ultimate defender of the judiciary, to speak out clearly and forcefully against such outrageous and scurrilous attacks on the judiciary. As members of the legal profession, we expect no less.