The problem with calling Hong Kong’s protests a riot goes back to a colonial-era law

Under current law, any unlawful assembly can be deemed a riot if anyone taking part in it commits a “breach of the peace.” The Progressive Lawyers Group, which advocates for the rule of law and democracy in Hong Kong, has noted that this “is a very low threshold which is not commensurate with the heavy penalty it imposes.” Similarly, the Hong Kong Universal Periodic Review Coalition, an alliance of local civil society groups that delivers human rights status reports to the UN, has pointed out that prosecutors have wide discretion to define an act as a riot.

Jason Y. Ng Spoke to CBS on Recent Protests Against Extradition Bill

Progressive Lawyers Group Convenor Jason Y. Ng spoke to CBS on the protests against the extradition bill in Hong Kong. He said that a foreigner without doing anything unlawful may be extradited because China may make up evidence.

Masks, cash and apps: How Hong Kong’s protesters find ways to outwit the surveillance state

“It is the fundamental reason people are protesting in the first place,” said Antony Dapiran, who wrote a book on protest culture in Hong Kong. “They don’t trust Beijing, they don’t trust their authorities and the legal system, and they don’t like the blurring of lines between Beijing and Hong Kong.”

Jason Y. Ng Quoted in Denmark’s Weekendavisen in respect of the Protests Against the Extradition Bill

PLG Convenor Jason Y. Ng is quoted in Denmark's Weekendavisen in respect of the protests against the extradition bill.

Hong Kong tycoons start moving assets offshore as fears rise over new extradition law

Prominent commercial lawyer Kevin Yam said he was aware of high net-worth Hong Kong figures taking steps to move assets to Singapore as they matured or market conditions proved favourable.

醫管局6.12早上要求急症室記錄「立會外集會」傷者身份 醫護工會:做法極不尋常


Umbrella Movement 2.0 exposes flaws in “one country, two systems”

The Progressive Lawyers Group explains the current law does not allow mainland China to extradite suspects from Hong Kong, but once the amendments are made, anyone who is considered a suspect by mainland China can be sent to the Chinese court, regardless of nationality, as soon as they set foot in Hong Kong.

法政匯思等近 20 團體發起全球聯署 促美英加制裁港官員親共議員 凍結資產禁入境

法政匯思、杏林覺醒、高教公民等近 20 個傘後團體,今天在 發起全球聯署,要求美國、英國和加拿大政府引用該國的《全球馬格尼茨基法》或相關法例,向強推《逃犯條例》修訂和暴力鎮壓和平示威的香港政府官員和親共立法會議員實施個人制裁,全面凍結這些官員、議員及其直系親屬的資產,並禁止他們入境美英加三國。

Amid extradition bill protests, a cry: ‘Hong Kongers save Hong Kongers!’

When mass protests ended in violent clashes Wednesday, older residents took to recalling the Tiananmen Square killings of 1989 in Beijing as they condemned Hong Kong’s government and its police force, which pointed guns at the youths of the semiautonomous Chinese territory.

Hong Kong protesters are defiant in the face of police rubber bullets: ‘We have to do something’

With surgical masks and goggles balanced on their faces, Hong Kongers Jay and Elise Lee take a moment to rest in an underpass near the city’s Legislative Council, its parliamentary equivalent.

Hong Kong’s identity as a city of rights and freedom is under threat – so we protest

Again, as in 2014, today’s protesters were primarily youths, clad in black t-shirts and chanting “Cit Wui!” (“Withdraw!”). Drawing on their experience from the Umbrella Movement, protesters quickly equipped themselves with protective gear – face masks, goggles, hard-hats – in anticipation of police batons, capsicum spray, or even tear gas and rubber bullets. Police formed three-deep defensive lines equipped with riot shields, truncheons and guns. By mid-morning, protester supply stations – well-stocked with water, foodstuffs, first-aid supplies and other necessities – were already springing up.

Hong Kong legislators postpone debate on China extradition bill as protesters flood streets

“With Hong Kong being a financial city and society very polarized at the moment, we don’t expect a complete or near complete participation from all schools and companies. But every little bit helps,” said Jason Y. Ng, convener of the Progressive Lawyers Group.





黑衣遊行 Silent march

法政匯思懇切呼籲各法律界人士及法律系學生參加本週四晚上舉行的黑衣遊行。 這次遊行是自1997年移交以來的第五次,希望表達我們對政府引渡修訂條例,將會對法治和司法獨立構成嚴重威脅的深切關注。

【六四30】我們都沒有忘記 齊唱《試問誰能沒記憶》


不評論劉鑾雄個案 李家超指洗黑錢符移交門檻





30年過去,六四案的真相就像上訴案般只能從過去的文件裏尋找。英國作家George Orwell的著作《1984》的名句「誰控制過去就控制未來,誰控制現在就控制過去」,政府越要淡化歷史我們就越要尋找真相,於是每年六四前,民間都會有大大小小的展覽和講座,為了人民不會忘記而努力。六四非一朝一夕可被平反,但願維園再次點起燭光,不止代表着人數,還有對真相的追求。下星期二,維園見!