Despair and defiance as Hong Kong mounts its last stand

HONG KONG -- The last days of May were just another weekend in downtown Hong Kong. Alan, a 20-year-old university student, helped to build barricades from trash cans and bricks dug up from pedestrian streets nearby. He was calm as he used a pair of binoculars to monitor the waiting riot police, alerting the crowd with improvised hand signals as the line advanced. As clouds of tear gas swirled, the black-clad protesters retreated, chanting, "Free Hong Kong!" "It's a bit deja vu, really," he said. Alan has joined the protests almost every week since they began last summer, stopping only when the COVID-19 outbreak cleared the streets.

【焦點燃論】港版國安法削弱法治 司法獨立蕩然無存?

北京出手自行為香港訂立的「港版國安法」,至今未有條文內容,而在中共政治凌駕法律下,市民憂慮叢生,例如是否會動輒被「以言入罪」,一如中國異見人士劉曉波或維權律師王全璋,隨時被指「顛覆國家政權」而入獄? 香港法律界已經多番表明,人大出手為香港的國家安全立法,有違《基本法》23條訂明的「自行立法」要求,質疑「港版國安法」是否能納入《基本法》附件三在港實施?日後香港法院又能否解釋在香港實施的全國性法律?更有指涉及國家安全的法例,或禁止外籍法官審理。