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澳洲國會現正就針對侵犯人權人士的制裁措施(即Magnitsky sanctions「馬格尼茨基制裁」)進行公眾諮詢。






The Australian Parliament is currently holding an inquiry into the use of targeted sanctions (commonly known as “Magnitsky” sanctions) to address human rights abuses.

The Progressive Lawyers Group has made written submissions to the inquiry, setting out clear and compelling reasons for Australia to implement Magnitsky-style sanctions. These would include financial sanctions (such as the freezing of assets) and travel bans against government officials who have committed human rights abuses.

In our submissions, we highlighted the growing trend of democratic countries around the world adopting Magnitsky sanctions. By drawing on the experience of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union (and other countries), we highlighted the gaps in Australia’s existing sanctions regime and provided recommendations on how Magnitsky sanctions could improve Australia’s commitment to defending human rights.

We also drew the Australian Parliament’s attention to the numerous human rights problems in Hong Kong, including the excessive use of force by the Hong Kong police; the failure of Hong Kong police to deal with attacks committed by pro-Beijing thugs; the political screening of candidates from the pro-democracy camp; the ‘white terror’ imposed by way of economic pressure; and the deterioration of press freedom.

PDF link to our submissions:

For more information on the inquiry, see the Australian Parliament’s website:…/Foreign_Affairs_Defen…/MagnitskyAct