China Defends Expulsion of American Journalists, Accusing U.S. of Prejudice

An official said the expulsions were needed to defend China’s media against American suppression. Chinese state media outlets criticized American newspapers for coverage that they described as biased.

The death of press freedom: A ban on journalists in Hong Kong would be unworkable

In a hastily put-together statement issued after midnight yesterday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced a ban on journalists at three top American press media outlets. According to the statement, U.S. nationals working for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post have ten days to surrender their press cards and will be prohibited from working in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.


一場疫症,就可以看見現在的香港是多麼的荒謬,有醫護人員需要自己排隊買口罩在工作時使用,同時亦有不需要接觸病人的警察穿上高規格的保護衣站著沒事幹。 要考慮工作安全裝備是否合適,其實法庭一般會如何判決?