Uitzonderlijke taferelen in Hongkongse rechtbank: gearresteerde activisten massaal voor de rechter

"Of all the defendants who appeared on Wednesday, the majority will probably go free," says Vickie Lui, one of Hong Kong's lawyers who provide free assistance to arrested protesters. Lui, who works for the Progressive Lawyers Group, has joined a central office from which the legal assistance for detainees is directed. During the protests you see many young people with the telephone number of that hotline on their arm.

法政匯思就北京回應香港高等法院有關禁蒙面法判決的聲明 (Statement on Beijing’s Reaction to High Court’s Mask Ruling)

香港高等法院於2019年11月18日裁定香港特區政府引用《緊急情況規例條例》(下稱《緊急法》)禁止市民於公眾地方蒙面的規例「不符合基本法」,並強調該於2019年10月5日起生效的規例過分地限制基本權利及自由。(On 18 November 2019, the High Court ruled that the Hong Kong SAR government’s ban on face coverings in public places under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance (the “ERO”) was “incompatible with the Basic Law” and that the new law, which had gone into effect since 5 October, imposed excessive restrictions on fundamental rights and freedoms.)