Hong Kong lawyer claims prosecution of protesters is politically motivated

// Wilson Leung from Hong Kong's Progressive Lawyers' Group told Euronews' Good Morning Europe show that the involvement of his profession in today's march underlines the seriousness of the threat to democracy. "The concern that the legal community has is whether the prosecutions in the Department of Justice are being conducted fairly because pretty alarmingly there are signs that political considerations are at play," he said. "There has been an open letter from anonymous prosecutors in the department saying that the head of the department is using political considerations. "There is also heavy widespread use of colonial-era rioting charges; these are very draconian, and the highest penalty of ten years imprisonment can be used. "Contrast that with the lighter treatment of the suspected gangsters involved in the attack (on pro-democracy protesters) in Yuen Long three weeks ago: 19 people were arrested, they were not formally charged and the offence they were charged with was unlawful assembly. "This really contrasts with the treatment of pro-democracy protesters."


【有片睇!】大律師:稱物品屬自衞或干犯藏攻擊性武器罪 // 有大律師指,不是任何物品可以用作攻擊人,就會被視為攻擊性武器,但假如被截查時,聲稱物品是用來自衞會有風險。 阻差辦公及襲警罪的刑罰最高可監禁兩年,李安然指,阻差辦公要成功入罪,必須證明被告為警方帶來嚴重不便。[更正﹕終審法院指出,若市民令警務人員帶來些微的不方便,或令警務人員只需多做一點微不足道的功夫,便不會構成控罪;另一方面,控方毋須證明有關行為大大增加警員執行工作時的難度,因為這種標準太高,若然嚴格運用,將可能窒礙警方的工作] 李安然又表示,市民被捕後有權保持緘默,不要因想盡快離開警署,答應警員要求。 他又表示,假如被捕人士選擇「踢保」,不接受保釋,警方有可能即時落案控告,屆時一樣要向法庭申請保釋。