In this episode, we chat with Wilson Leung, who is a founding member of the Progressive Lawyers Group 法政匯思 — a group of Hong Kong lawyers dedicated to promoting rule of law, democracy, human rights, freedom and justice — about the recent extradition bill protests in Hong Kong.

Wilson breaks down the situation on the ground over the last few weeks and the build-up of tension between HK residents and the government ever since the 2014 Umbrella Movement. We discuss how the youth of HK are growing increasingly dissatisfied with the HK government and are fearing their freedom and future in light of 2047 (which is when the current ‘one country, two systems’ structure expires and HK integrates fully back to China) happening within their lifetime. Finally, we talk about how the international community can help support the fight for democracy in HK by keeping abreast of the protest news and participate in any actions around the world that support the Hong Kong people.

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Article originally appeared in Dialogika Podcast on 27 June 2019.