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1. 行政長官並無為其引致的混亂道歉。然而,香港以至海外無數人,由於她的無知妄作及冥頑不靈而費盡心力,行政長官最起碼欠大家一句真誠的道歉。

2. 行政長官不但在記者三番四次提問下否認警察在星期三濫用武力,她更 (1)認同警方當日的部署,(2)將責任推卸到示威者身上 (而警察的可恥行徑大多是在沒有被挑釁下作出的),及 (3)聲稱對警察濫權的指控為誹謗。

3. 暫緩修訂的原因早就存在,只是她和政府官員視若無睹,或予以蔑視。例如,台灣早就強調不會在政府的草案下尋求移交,反對修訂的一方亦因此早就提出修訂草案並不逼切,政府應先進行廣泛的公眾諮詢。政府卻置若罔聞,自顧自聲稱要還殺人犯一個公道。行政長官現在卻以此為由暫緩草案以作進一步諮詢,無恥的程度令人咋舌。


The Progressive Lawyers Group has heard the Chief Executive. For the reasons below, we are angry and disappointed at her response. We will continue to march tomorrow and urge you all to join us. We are meeting at 2:15 pm at the Victoria Park Fountain at the Causeway Bay entrance of the park, opposite Windsor House, where you will see our flags flying high.

Together with you, we made history last week. We very much believe we can again and that we should.

Date: Sunday, 16 June

Time: March starts at 3pm

Meeting Point: Victoria Park

Dress: Black

1. The Chief Executive did not apologise for the complete chaos she has created. So many people here and abroad have had to expend such great efforts and time to fight her initial foolishness and then repeated stubbornness. A sincere apology would have been the least she could have offered.

2. Not only did she refuse to acknowledge that there was excessive and / or unprovoked use of force by the Police on Wednesday when repeatedly asked about this, she (1) actually endorsed the Police’s operation (2) put the blame for all the Police’s conduct on the protestors (when much reprehensible conduct was wholly unprovoked) and (3) said the characterisation of there having been an excessive use of force by the Police was defamatory.

3. Many of the matters she raises now in her defence were either wholly ignored or vehemently denied by her and her officials previously. For example, Taiwan mentioned right from the start that it would not seek any extradition under the Government’s bill and opponents thereof therefore also said right from the start that there is therefore no urgency to the Bill and greater consultation should be made. This was roundly ignored by the Government. The shamelessness with which she NOW invokes this as a reason for suspending the Bill and NOW says there should be consultation is astounding.