Jason Y. Ng Quoted in Denmark’s Weekendavisen in respect of the Protests Against the Extradition Bill

PLG Convenor Jason Y. Ng is quoted in Denmark's Weekendavisen in respect of the protests against the extradition bill.

Hong Kong’s digital battle: tech that helped protesters now used against them

In early June, Ivan Ip, 22, joined a public chat group on Telegram called “Parade 69”, named for a mass demonstration planned in central Hong Kong to protest a bill allowing for the transfer of suspects from the city to China. According to Ip, an administrator of the group of more than 30,000 people, they discussed things like bringing sunscreen, water, and umbrellas to block the sun or rain.

法政匯思出席芝加哥反送中集會 (Progressive Lawyers Group at Chicago Anti-extradition Rally)

法政匯思前召集人蔡騏於芝加哥參與反送中集會。(Progressive Lawyers Group's Ex-convenor Craig Choy attended an anti-extradition rally in Chicago in support of the protests in Hong Kong).

Hong Kong tycoons start moving assets offshore as fears rise over new extradition law

Prominent commercial lawyer Kevin Yam said he was aware of high net-worth Hong Kong figures taking steps to move assets to Singapore as they matured or market conditions proved favourable.

醫管局6.12早上要求急症室記錄「立會外集會」傷者身份 醫護工會:做法極不尋常


Umbrella Movement 2.0 exposes flaws in “one country, two systems”

The Progressive Lawyers Group explains the current law does not allow mainland China to extradite suspects from Hong Kong, but once the amendments are made, anyone who is considered a suspect by mainland China can be sent to the Chinese court, regardless of nationality, as soon as they set foot in Hong Kong.

法政匯思等近 20 團體發起全球聯署 促美英加制裁港官員親共議員 凍結資產禁入境

法政匯思、杏林覺醒、高教公民等近 20 個傘後團體,今天在 Change.org 發起全球聯署,要求美國、英國和加拿大政府引用該國的《全球馬格尼茨基法》或相關法例,向強推《逃犯條例》修訂和暴力鎮壓和平示威的香港政府官員和親共立法會議員實施個人制裁,全面凍結這些官員、議員及其直系親屬的資產,並禁止他們入境美英加三國。

【截停與搜身懶人包 Stop and Search Lazy Pack】

有見於近日大眾對於警察權力的疑問,法政匯思就截停、搜身和拘捕幾方面準備了「懶人包」,提供簡短法律資訊。此「懶人包」僅就一些重點問題作出回應,我們建議各位除了閱讀這個系列的「懶人包」,亦應同時參考由其他團體所準備的資料,以盡量掌握全部資訊。另外,本「懶人包」所提供資料只供初步參考,如各位需要較深入的法律意見或支援,請諮詢律師意見。 PLG has prepared a "lazy pack" regarding the police's powers to stop, search, and arrest. This pack only answers a few key issues and we suggest that readers also look at information prepared by other groups. Further, this pack only serves as preliminary information for reference. If you need more in-depth legal advice or support, please consult a lawyer.