Everything you need to know about Hong Kong’s extradition law

Thousands of people amassed around Hong Kong’s government complex on Wednesday (June 12), scaling barriers and blocking a main road in scenes reminiscent of the city’s 2014 pro-democracy protests as lawmakers prepared to debate a controversial overhaul of the city’s extradition law that would make it possible to send suspects to mainland China for trial.

Hongkong : «Pékin a les opposants dans le viseur»

L’exécutif pro-chinois de l’ex-colonie britannique est décidé à autoriser les extraditions vers la Chine. Après une mobilisation d’un million de personnes dimanche, le gouvernement devait commencer ce mercredi à examiner le projet de loi, qui sera soumis au vote le 20 juin. Un examen finalement reporté.

Hong Kong legislators postpone debate on China extradition bill as protesters flood streets

“With Hong Kong being a financial city and society very polarized at the moment, we don’t expect a complete or near complete participation from all schools and companies. But every little bit helps,” said Jason Y. Ng, convener of the Progressive Lawyers Group.