Why the Hong Kong Extradition Bill Matters to You

In this video (in English), Progressive Lawyers Group member Vicki Lui explains to you why Hong Kong Government's proposed extradition bill matters to you - whether you are from Hong Kong, an expat residing in Hong Kong or a visitor transitting in Hong Kong


高級入境事務主任梁鎮罡,為已婚同性伴侶申請公務員配偶福利上訴至終審法院,上訴得直。 法政匯思成員、大律師楊嘉瑋出席本台節目《千禧年代》時表示,判決是清楚和客觀。法庭有指出,未見讓同性伴侶享有權利會破壞傳統婚姻制度,因此法庭有處理對傳統婚姻制度的憂慮。

Fearing China’s Rule, Hong Kong Residents Resist Extradition Plan

NG KONG — Politicians have staged sit-ins and exchanged blows in the legislature. Nurses, high school teachers and even anime fans have organized petitions. And the authorities are bracing for protests on Sunday that could be the largest since the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement shut down parts of Hong Kong five years ago.