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法政匯思很榮幸邀請到 職工盟(HKCTU) 主席 吳敏兒 Carol Ng(Carol)小姐擔任一月月會的嘉賓,與成員分享她參與本地工運的心路歷程。

Carol 從一位空中服務員到成為職工盟第一位女主席,路程從不平坦。她在成立工會時曾遇上不少挫折、其後參與有關公眾利益的訴訟,更曾受到恐嚇,幸好她沒有放棄,無忘初心。



We were honored to have 吳敏兒 Carol Ng, chairperson of 職工盟(HKCTU), join us for our January monthly general meeting.

Carol shared with us her journey in the local labour movement, from learning how to start a trade union, to engaging in public interest litigation, and to becoming the first female chairperson of the HKCTU.

One anecdote she shared with us is that in an emergency evacuation, the head flight attendant is to be the last to leave the cabin as she must first ensure the safety of all passengers and crew. Carol exercises the same selflessness and professionalism in her service of civil society.

Her dedication and energy inspires us and we look forward to engaging more on the same issues that concern us all.