“Für die Demokratie kämpfen”

Craig Choy of Progressive Lawyers Group told Tagesschau (a German television news service) that rule of law in Hong Kong is still fairly satisfactory but we are facing threats from all front, from the pro-government establishment to Chinese government. That is why we must defend the rule of law.

Hong Kong’s July 1 pro-democracy march: is it worth attending or not?

July 1, an ambivalent occasion for many, marks the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from the United Kingdom to China. 21 years ago, despite widespread cynicism, ex-governor Chris Patten welcomed this momentous occasion labelling it a “cause for celebration.” However, as the story has unfolded, it seems that the scepticism of many has borne more and more weight. After all, the ‘one-country, two systems’ policy for Hong Kong was the brainchild of the same Chinese leader, who less than a decade ago, summoned hoards of armed soldiers and a mob of tanks to commit one of the deadliest massacres of the 20th century.